Monday, December 27, 2010

Queen: an Album Review

As a kid, I grew up listening to Queen’s music. It was my parents who influenced me to appreciate their songs and eventually love some of their tracks. I can still remember the time when I listen to their songs on the radio, specially the song “Bohemian Rhapsody”, it gives me chills. Listening to Freddy Mercury’s singing gave me Goosebumps. It’s amazing listening to a man who sounded much more like a woman. What amazes me more is that he sounded so incredible! Queen has become an inspiration to young rock bands and even aspirants in the rock industry. They are considered the pioneer in the 70’s. I became to love this band even more when I found out that they made the song Under Pressure. It was one of my favorite songs of all time which was revived by The Used and My Chemical Romance. Just with Under Pressure alone, the band for sure sold millions!

Another thing that I love about these guys is their sense of style. They are very unique. They are not afraid to take risk. What surprises me is that their uniqueness work in every way that we could ever imagine.  The use of a variety of music, with a variety of genres, makes them truly brilliant. They have not only brought something new to music, they have changed music and made it supremely good. 

Without a doubt, Queen couldn’t make it that far without their front man, Freddie Mercury. Freddie's amazing vocals, gifted stage presence, and  elite projection contributed a lot to the success of Queen. Freddie managed to not only communicate with his music, but he made you believe what he sang. He was a passionate songwriter and he wrote songs that balanced several genres by a string. Although Freddie is now deceased, his legend remains.

Album Review (A Night at the Opera)

The album started with the first track which is “Death by Two Legs”. This was the perfect first track of an album. The lyrics of the song seems like it is intended on the person you hate. What I love about this track is that it has an outstanding musicality from the classical sound of a piano to pure guitar fury. This song pretty much shows what heavy rock is all about. “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” on the other hand is a super fun song. It’s piano based with a guitar solo. It’s a song that you can sing along with. “You’re my Bestfriend” is a song that touched my heart. You may say that the lyrics may sound cheesy but it totally works! Freddie gave the song power and beauty which made it sound outstanding. One of my favorite tracks in this album is “Love of my Life”. Every words in the lyrics stings our heart perfectly. It’s truly one of  Queen’s masterpiece. I know, everybody will agree if  I put “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the top of the list. The first verse is absolutely stunningly beautiful. Freddie's voice, the lyrics, and the piano all come together to form one of the most amazing products of Queen. Aside from it’s musicality, I would like to give props to the music video which is super cool. No wonder people at this day and age still know this song.

Although Queen possesses good tracks in this album, we can still find some low points on some tracks.  “I’m In Love with my Car” is an average track from the album. I don’t see anything special  with the lyrics and the music. “Sweet Lady” is a track that is far from good. It possesses a heavy metal vibe which didn’t sound good like the other songs. It is a track that you can just skip listening to. On the lighter note, “God Save the Queen” is a guitar oriented song. It was a good closing to the album.

Overall, I think A Night at the Opera, promotes good tracks that are worth listening to. Most of the songs stand up well on their own. This album defines Queen as an artist that every musicians should look up to. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

TLC: An Album Review

On the time when Britney was about to make it on the music industry and the Spice Girls are about go their own ways, I had this thing for TLC. When my classmates used to scream for their favorite boy bands, I was at home, sitting on the sofa, listening to their tracks. This trio is already famous when I discovered them while watching MTV. When I heard their song “Waterfalls” way back in 1997, I knew all along it was good  music. With the soulful sound and fantastic lyrics, who wouldn’t get hook listening to them? This trio is like the perfect blend. Without one of them, they wouldn’t produce music as good as they have. Listening to them makes you feel really relax. The songs of TLC are most likely to be played while you’re on the car during a traffic jam or even when you wake up late in the morning, waiting for the breakfast to be served.

For me, the best track from this group is “Unpretty”. I had this thing for girl power and every time I heard songs promoting feminism, I know I had to include it on my favorite tracks of all time. TLC incorporated a very nice story on their songs which make it unexceptional among other songs. Way back in the 90’s RnB is one of the most famous genre which really help TLC making it big since their tracks are mostly RnB songs. Along came year 2000 and TLC is still standing strong. I know some of us are familiar with their song entitled “No Scrubs”. The music video is so year 2000. Incorporating the lyrics with this upbeat feel plus the wonderful rap by Lisa “left-eye Lopez” made this song the flavor of the month. Actually, it became my favorite for a couple of months.

In the present, I haven’t heard a lot from TLC. Ever since Lisa was killed in a car accident, the group haven’t continue their singing career, Late this year, the two members  decided to go on tour in Japan and they will perform their hits. Hopefully, they will continue doing good music just  like before. I can say that they are way better than some sexy girl groups of our generation.

Album Review (FANMAIL)

All of the albums of TLC are good in their own ways. If I were to pick an album for me to give a review, ill choose “Fan Mail” Since it was the album that I really love, might as well show my appreciation through this film review. Probably my favorite tracks in the album are “Unpretty” and “Dear Lie”. Both have good lyrics and melody. Unpretty promotes feminism and boosting self esteem in many ways. Aside from that, it has that RnB feel that makes the track soothing to the ears. Dear Lie, on the other hand in is somewhat similar to Unpretty. We can say that the lyrics may sound “bitter” in a sense but its something you can slow dance with. As I take a closer look, I noticed that these two tracks are similar to “Waterfalls” which as also a big hit form the trio.

 Aside from these two tracks, I also enjoy listening to “Don’t Pull Put on Me Just Yet” and “Im good at Being Bad”. These two are very similar since they both have sexy lyrics or can I say explicit?  "Come On Down" is a refreshing track with interesting country vibes. The song is an entertaining listen with some really smooth deliveries. It's not the best song but it is enjoyable and definitely delivers over many tracks on the album. Although I enjoyed this album so much, Fanmail also have this down lows.

 "Shout" is an entertaining up-tempo song that really runs about quickly. The song has some decent vocals and is an alright listen. Still, nothing incredible. Another track that failed to hit it big is “Automatic.” It is an enjoyable song that starts pretty good and loses  it’s steam in the repetitive and boring second half. Despite this, it's still not a bad song. Another good example of a failed track is “Love Sick”. It is a track full of wasted  potential. The lyrics on the song are really tight but there is no real energy in the vocals. With all of these down lows, I can say that this is still an album worth listening. Fanmail is a mixed bag with some really great songs and some major let downs. Overall, it's a pretty good effort with some songs that are definitely not worth missing. After all, this album landed TLC in major nominations and awards.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Justin Timberlake: An Album Review (2006)

Timberlake has achieved excellence by combining pop music, dance and spectacle. And with a show of this calibre, there is little room for spontaneity. He’s like the been there, done that type of artist. Regardless of the issues that comes along his way, he’s still an icon to the youth and a heartthrob that any girls would like to date. I’ve chosen to give him a review since I’ve watched him grow as an artist during those boy band days up to the solo act that he is in the present. I would like to give props to him because he evolved from being an artist to a big time producer. Seeing him do all of this in a small span of time makes me love him more. I know Justin will surprise us in the coming years. I’m excited to see the goodies that this versatile man can offer.

Album Review: Future Sex Love Sounds

 On "Futuresex/LoveSounds", Timberlake leaves `NSYNC so far behind that its hard to view him as the same person. Much of this is most likely to Timbaland's credit, who produced almost every track on this fine record. This album had one of two directions to go from "Justified,"  either an attempt at the same thing, or a grandiose, hubristic, self-promoting, self-aggrandizing beast of a record. And to everyone's benefit , Timberlake chose the latter.
 The first track is a good, heavy-hitting track to start the album off with. Easily danceable, definitely sensual, this showcases Timberlake's new sound, his new persona. It's fresh, it's rich and you'll want to dance right along with it. “SexyBack”  Allowed the public a sneak peek at the sensuality that Timberlake had newly embraced and let run through all of the tracks on this album. The third track is much more like the first track so there’s nothing special about it. On “Lovestoned”, Timberlake starts off with yet another strong, danceable track and leads into one of the many over-a-minute-long interludes he uses on this album. The beat of the song “Chop me up” is amazing. The Three Six Mafia raps are put together very well and this is easily one of the most solid tracks on the album. 
On the other hand, I find “Damn Girl” as my least favorite song in the album. It doesn't have the same flow and it doesn't feel like it's put together as tightly. “All over again” is another for gettable track along the same lines as "Damn Girl". This is another ballad on the album but not very solid.
 Overall, I think the album did pretty well. This pretty much shows how Justin evolve as a musician. I can still remember how the songs in this album crank my playlist. A must listen for the music enthusiast.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pussycat Dolls: An Album Review (2005)

Pussycat Dolls is more like the Spice Girls of the new generation. Not only did they posses the sexy vibe that the spice girls have, but they also have the unique talent in dancing and singing that girls my age love to imitate. One can easily tell that this sextet looked to the "girl power" icons for inspiration. While the Dolls may not have the same individual characteristics , they still have a very expansive musical understanding, along with the sassy and seductive image to go along with it.
PCD provides the listener with the likes of hip-hop, R&B, sprinkled with pop and even some saucy show tune vibes, 80's dance and even, shockingly, Jazz! And they pull all of this off. They are everywhere; from the television, radio and even the music charts. I can still remember how PCD dominated the music scene. Although they have gone their separate ways, the music of this girl group lives on. They are truly exceptional and talented in their own rights. One of the reason why I love this group is that their lead singer (Nicole) is a Filipina. It makes me really proud seeing my fellow countrymen succeed in the music scene.

Album Review: PCD

 Do you like music? Maybe hip-hop? Then you should listen to  "Pussycat Doll's (PCD)" album with the lead singer Nicole and the back-up singers Kimberly, Carmit, Ashley, Melody, and Jessica. There are 12 songs and hot and sexy artists sing all of them.“Don't Cha”  is a hot beat that runs over and over in your head and can't get it out.On the other hand, “Beep” is the funkiest song you might ever listen to. It combines spirit with great lyrics. Wait A Minute” worked out with one of the best producers in the business. It's a great song because it has this catchy vibe to it. “Stickwitu” is such a sweet song for a sassy album, but it compliments so well and sticks to you like sugar . It’s still on my playlist of love timeless love songs. “Buttons” is a song where we can find our man, Snoop Dog. It’s a sultry, seductive and sexy song. Perfect for sexy dances or pole dances. A must listen in the album. “I Don't Need A Man” is  co-written by Nicole herself with some of the best lyrics, such a theme song for all those single girls out there. It talks about how a woman can live without a partner. “Hot Stuff” is a  club beat that you really just want to chill and dance to . “How Many Times, How Many Lies” is  a sad song that is just perfect to listen to when you're down or just want to be emo. It’s the opposite of the track Stickwitu.  I would like to give props for giving such a good rendition of the song “Tainted Love”. They brought the sexiness of the song to the next level.“Feelin' Good” is one of my favorite song in the album. It has a slow sad beat with some happy lyrics.
Sure, the Pussycat Dolls are like the new Spice Girls, but who cares? This album is great .The only true singer in the group is the lead singer Nicole who sings all the lead and background vocals. This is pop/dance/urban meets burlesque, and it's great. For a surprisingly fun album with surprisingly adept vocals and wonderfully crafted songs, you will not go wrong with the Pussycat Dolls.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Usher Raymond: An Album Review (2004)

Usher has always been my favorite R&B artist because I really believe he produces quality music.  I have always liked Usher, not only is he sexy but his music can relate to any mood and anytime. Usher grabs you not only by his looks but by his voice, which can make you scream and make you cry.
Usher is plainly and simply himself, period. Unlike many pop stars of the day, he moved past his urge to expand outside of R&B and just stuck to what he was good at: crooning and performance. Usher is undeniably a very charismatic artist and always aims to please his core demographics and then some; you rarely see him in tabloids, you rarely take him as less than an authentic talent, and unlike some celebrities with scandals abound, you never really wish to punch him in the groin. It is a fact that some people love to hate Usher but you cant deny that he is the kind of musician that is for keeps in the music industry. As a fan whose been following his career for years, I saw him evolve into this matured man with matured music. He sure made me dance with his tracks before but now, he inspired me with his songs as he talks about adulthood. Listening to Usher’s hits is like a hard habit to break. He’s going to stay in the industry and he’s not going anywhere.

Album Review: Confessions

"Confessions," from Usher Raymond, is more than what we expect in an album. It's also a mature step forward and an exercise in self-examination. Here, Usher unloads some serious baggage, ranging from infidelity materialism, unwanted pregnancy and failed relationships, particularly his breakup with  Chili. But that's not to say "Confessions" is all drama and no fun. The album is neatly divided between up tempo jams and smooth ballads, and Usher doesn't disappoint on either front.
 Usher grabs your attention after the intro with his hit "Yeah!".It is almost impossible to hold back any dance moves that may be lying idle in your body. With a great solid and repetitive beat in the background, there is no way that you can help but bob your head and start shouting "Yeah!"  "Confessions" seems to have been written from personal experience and inner feelings. A listener gets a taste of this in the track "Burn." While Usher is hitting the sweet falsetto, there is a solid group of back up singers and a solid beat that is nothing short of being catchy. The heartfelt breakup song demonstrates how Usher can go from a very up beat feel in "Yeah!" to a laid back feel in "Burn." 
My two favorite tracks on Usher's Confessions album are "Truth Hurts" and "Simple Things." They are the trademarks of Usher because they are really downbeat in a kind of sudden way. They are a lot like the music he put out on his first album, sexy but they have a meaning. Not only to be sexy but to speak to you with strong feelings. "Truth Hurts and "Simple Things" go together when you look at their lyrical make up. I mean the whole CD goes together but these two tracks go hand in hand. All of the lyrics are consistent with one another.  The album showed off all of Usher's talents including, his incredible range and his catchy backgrounds that will make any head bob up and down. I thoroughly enjoyed this album. A must listen for all R&B lovers.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Destiny's Child: An Album Review (2001)

Destiny’s Child defines what a real girl group is. From their song, to their individual personalities to their sense of style, its like a bag full of goodies. We all know how these girls dominate the airwaves and even our television screens during high school. They are Pop and R&B put together in one group. They are talented in many ways. A perfect role model for starters who wants to make it big in the music scene.
If you take a closer look into the career of this girl group, you will agree with me when I say that Beyonce pretty much dominate the vocals. Although this seems to be pretty obvious, this does not become a hindrance for me to love the girls equally. I believe that these girls are unique in their own little way. People who know little of this group are those who experienced unhappy childhood. I can support my statement because even people aged like my mom knows DC. Destiny's Child is the finest female group in the world, they come up with one catchy hit song after another. There are 4 #1 hits on their debut album alone. Their songs are irresistible and you just cant get enough of them. Although this group has gone their separate ways, their music lives on. I wouldn’t mind another reunion from this group in the near future.

Album Review: Survivor

Survivor is the second studio album from the trio Destiny’s Child. This album shows how the group evolve with their music and lyrics. The album give us powerful tracks and dance anthems that we still enjoy up to this very day.
The album started of with “Independent Woman”. It is a good song possessing a catchy lyrics and melody. “Survivor” is one of, if not the absolute, best on the album. Very catchy, infectious melody and lyrics. “Bootylicious” has a nice funky, sassy tune. A fun song to dance with. A confidence anthem for the ladies, basically. Some complain about the melody of “Nasty Girl”  which I suppose could be better, but I still think it's catchy. And yes, it is kind of ironic, because even before they wrote this song, DC had been known to wear skanky outfits themselves. “Happy Face” is a feel good song. If you’re sad and want to feel better, I recommend for you to listen to this song. "Emotion", is one of my all-time favourite Destiny's Child songs. Lyrically and vocally, it is simply exquisite and classy. The background music is beautiful as well. Another bonus is that Beyonce does not take over this song with all her ad-libs. Instead, she lets the other girls sing lead and the harmonies are stunning. "Dangerously In Love", on the contrary, is dominated by Beyonce. However, that does not entirely prevent it from being a beautiful, touching song about being in love. Lyrically, this is one of the better songs that Beyonce co- wrote. “Brown Eyes” is  incredibly touching, and Beyonce let one of the other girls, Michelle I believe, to sing lead. After that comes the heartbreaking "Story of Beauty" about a girl who was abused in several ways. Though the song is not a ballad, as most would expect, it gets the message across easily. 
Overall, "Survivor" is a great album that's destined to be a classic. This is sure to please many listeners for a long time. Such musical combination makes a great listening experience

Thursday, October 7, 2010

98 Degrees: Album Review (2000)

 I can still remember how I sing along with their songs on MTV during the weekends. Those were the time that boy bands are hot and punk bands are not so close to that. I remember when I got hooked to their song “I Do”. I still consider this song as my wedding song if ever I get married in the future. Aside from the obvious fact that the group is composed of four hot guys, they all can sing and all are given enough spotlights compared to other boy bands who live to outshine each other members. Even though 98 degrees didn’t get the fame that BSB experienced, they still are known for giving people good music and songs that sweep you off your feet. I would love to see another 98 degrees reunion in the future.
 People who followed the career of this group would agree with me when I say that they are way better than NSYNC. They produced songs that are easy on the ears. Their music is timeless. If you want to fall in love or just get inspired with love, you definitely have to listen to these guys.


Revelation by 98 Degrees, is a fairly good CD from this vocal group. The songs are a mix of sugary ballads and fast tempo dance songs. The lyrics have an emphasis on love and romance. The latin infused pop smash hit "Una Noche" is sensual, fun. "Stay The Night" is a beautiful crooning pop love song classic. There's much more where that came from. Nick Lachey does a fantastic job on lead vocals. His distinctive sounding smooth as silk tenor voice gets strong when it needs to without losing its cooing softness, and his diction is great, allowing you to understand every lyric he sings. Up tempos like "The Way You Want Me To" can have you shake your booty to its catchy beats, perhaps reminiscent of the now popular "dirty pop" brand of up tempos. Other up tempos like "He'll Never Be What I Used To Be To You" and "You Should Be Mine" could get you to the dance floor in an instant with their catchy beats and pronounced lyrics.  "Yesterday's Letter" which in my opinion is the best song on the album, takes you to a moody scenario of a break up. Perhaps as melancholy as the group's previous hit "The Hardest Thing", "Yesterday's Letter" tugs at one's emotions with its soft piano keys and painfully sung lyrics.  "My Everything"  is time reminiscent of the group's hit, "I Do Cherish You", is a ballad that can double as a love song, as well as an inspirational/spiritual song. The album ends with "Never Giving Up" is an Earth Wind and Fire-sounding up tempo. It starts with soft piano keys and gradually infuses with dance beats.

The album as a whole is a delightful mix of dirty pop and beautiful ballads. The group has strayed a little bit away from their Motown roots but has manages to introduce a new audience to its music with their pop tunes. This album give us R&B at its best. An amazing album. This album is a revelation.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Uplifting Lives of People With Disabilities

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

People with disabilities are like any normal people; they need freedom in everything that they do in terms of mobility. Making them comfortable and safe is important not only for those with disabilities but for their families as well. If you have a member in your family with disability, especially if you are directly involved in providing care for them; I am sure you understand what I am saying. A reliable or dependable mobility vehicle gives the user freedom to move around while lightening up the task for the caregiver, thus, an improved vehicle works for both parties involved – the caregiver and the person with disability.

To make sure you are providing them the best quality transportation services, only buy your mobility vehicles from dealers or manufacturers that are members of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association or NMEDA. A non-profit trade association, NMEDA is composed of mobility equipment dealers and manufacturers, driver rehabilitation specialists, and other professionals committed to providing people with disabilities with the best options to improved transportation. This is what NMEDA is committed for – to provide people with disabilities more freedom through a safe, dependable and quality transportation. You can also get a vehicle customized to your individual needs. Members recognize the need for people with disabilities to be able to drive or be transported in safe and dependable vehicles modified with mobility equipment. Despite disabilities, freedom through improved transportation has been made possible through NMEDA.

NMEDA members agree to adhere to the safety guidelines set by NMEDA. The Quality Assurance Program (QAP), on the other hand, measures how much a member adheres to these set guidelines and practices on equipment installation and modifications. A member who wants to be accredited has to pass all the standard requirements in the program, which means the member has been certified as adhering to the highest guidelines in the industry. You can check the dealers closest to where you live by visiting the site and entering your zip code. I’m sure you can find at least one close to you. There are at least two closest to my house. How many did you find?
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Sunday, August 29, 2010


We have been so busy getting ready for the showing of Ikabod, the nusical play which will be held on Saturday, September 4th at the University iof Makati Main Theater.  This a play that everyone should see.  We worked so hard to make this play entertaining for everyone - kids and oldies alike.  Come, join us in this play!  Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

laboratory tests are freaking me out!

It's been months since I was diagnosed with this very rare disease. There's no need for me to mention what it is because I've been mentioning it a lot on my recent posts. In line with my oral medication, I have to undergo some laboratory test almost every week which is painful not only in the body but in the pocket.

When you're about to get your blood sugar tested, you have to go through a 12-hour long fasting (no food, no water,no everything) before taking the test. It's a standard operating procedure for the result to be consistent. Imagine your body not taking any dose of water for 12 hours? Now that's what you call sacrifice! Aside from that, I also tried flourensic angiogram. This is probably the most painful laboratory test of all. It's a test wherein they will inject a fluid to your veins for them to see the back of your eye. This test is recommended by my doctor since I'm having a problem with my retina. I've exeperiened double pain because before that flourensic angiogram, I have to undergo this freaking skin test which is way worse than any vaccine. I also tried chest x-ray for them to see if my lungs are healthy and of course, I even tried two of the easiest lab tests which are the urinalysis and fecalysis. Just give them a sample of your urine and feces and wait for the result the following day. Imagine as I go through all of these things every week. Hard much?

You know what, taking care of your body is really hard. Knowing if you're really healthy is much, much harder. Imagine yourself going through all of these? Bottomline is, there is no harm in having an active lifestyle. Choosing the right meal plan is a must. If you don't want to experience these tests that i'm going through, try to listen to my advice. Do you want to  go through  numerous lab tests, sacrifice some cravings and some bills in the pocket? Think about it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

old school is better.

If I were to describe our group report on Broadcast Issues, I would say it's terrible! First, the projector that we requested from our college's office was not released. You know why? Simply because the one who is in-charge of the equipment left the office early. Talk about being irresponsible. Second, the files that are needed on our video presentation were not saved on the USB. Third, we couldn't render our presentation on a video format because the Adobe installer was having some problems. What made this scenario worst is that no one printed a copy of the script of the report. The script will be a big help because it can be our guide for us to discuss each topic to the class even if it's not supported with a video presentation.

Now it made us think why we rely so much on advanced technology. Good thing some of the sub-topics on our report was touched during the early semesters. Imagine discussing a report you barely even know for 3 hours. That's what you call psychological suicide! On the lighter note, we got through that very critical hours. We finished our report with no side comments from the class. A little advice to all of you: sometimes, old school style of reporting is preferable than the techie ones. Be prepared and don't rely on a computer because it can destroy your future! LOL!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Wedding

 My niece got married to her long time boyfriend for 7 years. Everybody was excited including me of course, who was assigned to do the program flow and to host a little bit on the reception. We had a 3-hour trip to Sonya's garden Tagaytay where the special thing happened. As we arrived on the venue, I was really impressed with the place. The garden was extraordinary and everything looks perfect for the wedding. The reception hall look really fabulous! If I were to compare their wedding to some of the wedding I attended in to, I must say that this wedding has some edge among others. We arrived at 3pm so we have to rush some few polishings on the decorations since the wedding will start at 4pm. As expected, the wedding started late because we have to wait for the judge. ( I forgot to say it's just a civil wedding ) The ceremony was just 30 mins. long so the program was focused more on the reception. At the reception proper, we did some wedding rituals like the wedding toast, cutting of the cake, etc. My sister became the entertainer of the night. She sang 5songs for the couple. Everything was perfect. The food was great, people are happy and everything run smoothly. I can't wait for them to have a church wedding. For sure it will be double the fun!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

cramming 2.0

I have a wedding program to organize tomorrow and too bad, my brain lipids are not working as usual. I have to come up with a cool program flow for the reception that the guests will enjoy. I'm not new on doing these things but I find it really difficult to organize a wedding specially when you don't even have much information about the wedding. What I did is to come up with the things-to-do in a wedding reception. Talk about the wedding toast, first dance, and all that stuffs. I also tried to come up with the list of wedding games that everybody will enjoy. I'm also in charge of the song list that the technical people will play on every part of the program.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

APARADOR botique

 I had a very long day at market2x. I spent 4 hours in the mall looking for a white outfit that I will use this Saturday. Since white is never my thing, I find it really difficult to chose from the variety of clothes that the mall has to offer. Good thing  my sister reccomended a store at the Fashion Market called APARADOR. They offer variety of clothes, shoes and bags all of sizes. They offer plus sized fashionista clothes on a very reasonable price. I find the store really awesome and I would definitely visit them again when I have the money. Thanks to APARADOR, my problem has been solved. For sure, my relatives will envy the accessories and clothes that I will wear on Saturday. I'm super excited!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm a pirate for a day!

As usual, I spend every Tuesday of my life in the hospital. I have to attend this weekly check-up to see if my condition is getting better or the other way around. This morning, I had two eye tests to determine if my vision is improving. Good thing the oral medication is working! On the other hand, I was surprised to find out that there's still a little inflamattion at the center of my left eye. This caused a blurry effect on my vision. As a solution, they injected my left eye with a steroid that is painful and at the same time made my eyelids numb. Because of the injection, my doctor put an eye patch on my left eye. It made me look like a very ridiculous pirate! It's been three hours since they put this patch and I can't wait for it to be removed ! Hopefully, after all of this injections and tests, I will be better in the coming weeks.

Charter Mobile App For iPod, iPhone and Blackberry

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Every year, I am tasked to pick a nice present for dad on Father’s Day. I feel like I am running out of ideas. Most of the time, we just dine out together, buy him a nice shirt and a cake with a nice card. I want to give him something special for this year. I thought an iPod Touch would be cool because of the thousands of apps that I’m sure he would enjoy. Since I could not afford it, I asked my brother and sister if they are willing to help me get one. Without hesitation, they both agreed so we will be shelling out from our little savings to get dad a nice iPod Touch. But wait! I heard about Charter’s newest contest where they are giving away an iPod Touch to 100 lucky winners. Why not take our chances and join this contest first and if we don’t win, then that’s the time we buy him one. 

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Monday, July 19, 2010

deadlines = stressors

There's nothing more stressful than meeting deadlines. Even if you're used to cramming, i'm sure you will surely agree with me. I was given a day to formulate a master calendar from July 19 to Aug 15. The master calendar will serve as our guide/ to-do list since our show is like three weeks form now. What made this task harder is that you have to consider the things to be done in every department of a production. This means you have to formulate a rehearsal schedule, props,  repair schedule, music and lights requirements, etc. Good thing I have my stage managers to back me up. They are like angels sent by heaven. With their help, we formulated a very good calendar that will surely work for the production. Hopefully, with the help of the master calendar, everything will run smoothly as planned.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Signed Up For SocialSpark

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My mother has been bugging me for the longest time to get serious with my blogging. I have three blogs before but I only blog whenever I wanted to and those are mainly for personal use. To me, blogging is my way to express myself and share how I feel about certain things in life. My mom talked me into using my blogging to earn extra moola. She has been doing that for more than three years now. I just thought about it recently and thought why not try it?  Well, she successfully got me into it! I finally signed up with SocialSpark. I enjoy writing and I think getting paid for things you enjoy doing is a great thing. I’m sure it would inspire me more to write better and improve on my blogging skills.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

late night rehearsal

It's 8:00 in the evening and my day is far from over. I have to attend the late night rehearsal of our theater group in preparation of our upcoming production this August. I'm really excited because last night's rehearsal has been cancelled  due to heavy rains. There's a massive power interruption all over Metro Manila which ruined my day. Today, everything is back to normal. I attended my Rizal class this afternoon and now, Im getting ready for the rehearsal. Good thing I have my phone to keep me company. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

thank GOD it's Sunday

I feel like choosing Sunday as my favorite day in a week. As usual, I cooked breakfast and lunch for my family. Meat is not allowed in the menu so I decided to think of healthy but delicious recipes. Well, it's always been my dilemma in feeding my brother because  he's used in eating meat his entire life. I decided to cook sauteed bittermelon and fried fish for lunch. Good thing they enjoyed the food! After lunch, I uploaded some photos in my Facebook account. The pictures are mostly from our Friday night out and some are from our acting workshop. After 2 hours in my laptop, I went to the church wiith my brother. It feels so good to visit God once in a while. The joy of connecting with the creator still lingers through my veins. I just feel so alive and happy with the mass. After the mass, I ate dinner, had my last sip of water and watched some T.V. I am not allowed to eat after 8PM because the doctor advised me not to eat or drink anything for 12 hours in preparation for my laboratory test the following day. Since I can't have anything after 8PM, I decided to enjoy the rest of the night facing the laptop. It may look as a boring day but I can assure you that it's not. Im looking forward on more Sundays to come. Hopefully, Sundays will be as good as this one.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

night of freedom version2.0

Last night was surely a night to remember. Since my dad attended a 3-day seminar, we planned some activities to do while he is still away. We started things off with a late night dinner at Libis. It's been a ritual of the family to visit SOMETHING'S FISHY at Eastwood because the restaurant never fails to meet our expectations! Talk about the food, the service, etc. Not to mention the buffet price which is really affordable. So basically, I picked foods that I missed eating. Let's just say I became connected with the inner pig in me again. (LOL) We enjoyed the buffet for 2 hours and we left the restaurant at 2AM.

Patty and co. decided to go home while Jasper, Joben and I decided to stay and continue the fun. Full much, it took us 30 minutes to decide on what bar to enter to enjoy the rest of the night. Looks like our brain lipids became inactive due to so much food in the belly! To cut the long story short, We enjoyed an hour at H20 BAR. We chill out, have some non-alcoholic drinks (i'm not allowed to drink beer because i'm under medication) and enjoyed the live band that the bar offers. At 4AM, the boys took me home and we all decided to get some rest. Never did I imagine that i'll enjoy the first night of freedom without some alcohol in my system. Now that's what you call harmless fun! Watch out for more versions of "NIGHT OF FREEDOM" in the coming months :).

Friday, July 9, 2010

NO PE class, more PRODUCTION!

When I was diagnosed with VKH, my doctor told me to make arrangements with my PE professor. I am allowed to do 1 physical activity per day. I have to limit my activities so that it won't cause any trauma to my eyes. When I had y medical certificate in hand, I had a meeting with my PE professor and the head of the PE Department. They allowed me not to do activities such as swimming and arnis but I have to exert extra effort on the upcoming projects of the PE Department this coming August. Im really happy with the arrangements because I'm assigned to do a task that sprung my interest.

F.Y.I, I've been in the stage management scene for two years now and I can say that I pretty much know the ropes inside a production. Good thing my professor as well as his boss is considerate enough with my condition. I'm looking forward to more productions ahead of me this semester. I wouldn't miss this for the world!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A night of freedom

Last friday, my dad attended a teambuilding seminar at Mt. Makiling. Since it's a 3-day seminar, I was left at home with my siblings. Of course, we planned some things to do for us to enjoy that 3 days without dad! Can you imagine living 3 days of your life without a parent/s? Such a breathe of fresh air.. LOL! What we did was that we started our first night with a late dinner @ Libis. We dined at our favorite resto called "SOMETHIN'S FISHY". I'm sure some of you have heard of the place since it's like the only resto in the Metro that offers a late night buffet meal for like 130.00. It comes with a bottomless drink for only 55.00. Now that's what you call affordable :D!

So after that sumptuous dinner, we decided to have fun @ Malate. Now ladies, if you're in for some fun, try to visit the bars along Orosa-Nakpil St. My favorite bar there is Che-lu. The entrance fee is very affordble and it comes with 2 beers plus the food is excellent! I'm sure couple of gays out there will agree with what i've said. :) Around 3am, we decided to leave the bar and we headed to the grocery shop nearby. We went home at 5:30 AM and slept at 6AM. Due to exhaustion, we woke up at 4pm. We even forgot to have lunch! Oh well, we didn't have the same plan for the following day. We just enjoyed our free day inside the house. You know, the typical movie night/slumber party.

I really did enjoy the moments while my dad was away. That sure brought a feelin of happiness all over my bod! So much better than vanilla ice cream with hot fudge :) Im so looking forward to the seminars that my dad will attend to in the coming months. I am sure, the next time my dad is away, riot will surely take place in the house. It's gonna be fun!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

GOD is the answer ...

Last month, something bad happened to me. I was diagnosed with a rare disease that may took months/ years to be treated. Have you ever heard of VKH syndrome? Based on what my doctor said, it's a disease without a sure cause. You can say that the ratio of people who have VKH is like 1 in a million. This disease attacks the pigments in your body, meaning every part of your body that has something to do with pigments can be affected. Talk about the skin, hair, eyes, etc. Unlucky for me, it targeted the eyes first.

In short, my left eye got blind and my right eye (which is a good eye) is starting to get blurry. When i heard about the doctor's prognosis, i felt like my world fell apart. My doctor required me to have my check-up at least once a week and aside from that, minimize the activities that i usually do per day. Now here's the thing: Im a graduating student, dealing with lots of deadlines. Put yourself into my shoes. One physical activity per day won't work for me. I don't even remember what my doctor told me after that. I eventually burst into tears eventhough lots of patients are watching me. Right at that very moment, i realized some important things in life. I realized how important every part of my body is. I also realized how important it is to finish college and help my parents in the future.

At that point in my life, I decided to talk to GOD. At some point, i felt guilty. To be honest, im not the typical catholic who goes to church every Sunday and pray the rosary. I pray only when needed or whenever I feel like doing it. So you see, I talked to him. I asked forgiveness on my wrongdoings. I thanked him for the blessings that he showered me for the past 18 years of my life. Lastly, I talked with him about my disease. It's in a form of a conversation between a parent and a child. After talking with him, I realized another important thing in life: GOD answers our prayers and He will never let you down.

After two weeks of treatment, I found out that my eyes reacted well on the medicine and there's a big improvement in my vision. If this will continue, shorter treatment will be required for me to recover from this disease.

You see, GOD find ways for us to connect with Him. I look at my disease differently than before. I look at my disease as GOD's way of connecting with me. I can say that now, things have changed for the better. I became closer not just to Him, but to the people that I love. I became more contented and happy with what I have. It feels so good to be back in GOD's arms. I know this is a good start for self improvement. Im very confident that with GOD by my side, nothing is impossible.

copyright law?

I got really pissed yesterday when we discussed about the President's speech. My prof felt betrayed because some of my classmates copied blogs from the net and used it as their reaction paper. I'm really angry with them because my reaction is SO ORIGINAL! It was hard for me to keep the balance of my reaction towards the speech. The whole room was very quiet when my prof spoke her heart out about the whole situation. I was very disappointed because the mistakes of others became our mistake. I don't know if COPYRIGHT LAW really exists.

In my opinion, It's okay to get idea from articles in the internet. You can make your own statements but never copy the whole thing. You're not just insulting your mentor, you're also insulting yourself. Never make it as a hobby.

Monday, July 5, 2010

happy to the nth level!

Last Sunday was the best day of the month. I did some things that i missed doing when i was a child. Since it's my dad's birthday, we decided to visit church as a family. Well yeah, I can say that it's like the first time after a long time. We're not use to visiting church altogether. We do pray but they said it's more effective to talk with Him when more people are involved. As I connect with God, it felt so light, as if my problems are washed out just in a snap. The heartaches disappeared. It's really true that GOD listens to our prayers. Prayers can surely move mountains.

Monday, June 28, 2010

back when i was a child...

Out of boredom, I decided to look at my baby pictures for fun. As expected, I noticed a big change with regards to my facial features. I think I look cuter when I was a child. If I could turn back time, I would like to live my childhood years again. All you need to worry about is sleeping, eating and playing. Every experience is a learning process. Everyday is a new discovery. As I became older, things got more complicated and decision making became harder. Now, I really want to be a kid again. For sure another chance to experience my childhood would be interesting!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

student by day, stage manager by night

Being me is not as easy as it seems. Think about it: I wake up early in the morning, grab a bite, go to school, finish class at 8/9PM and then attend the theater rehearsal til 12MN. It's the same old routine from Mondays-Saturdays. Talk about not having my social life! You see, i'm stuck in being a student and a stage manager. And you probably are wondering what a stage manager is. Let me give you some info for you to understand my work better.

Stage management is the practice of organizing and coordinating a theatrical production. It encompasses a variety of activities, including organizing the production and coordinating communications between various personnel (directors, performers, prod staff, etc.).
The venue for the practice, the schedule of the rehearsals/show dates are pretty much the things that are visible in my "to-do" list. Not to mention the troubleshooting to be done when personal problems come into way. It's so obvious that being a stage manager is hard but what if you also have school work to keep in mind.

That's like the biggest dilemma. There are time when it's hard to keep the balance between school and work. When the show is fast approaching, you got to give extra time and effort to the practice and some important stuff. You have to be sure that even the tiniest problems are solved before the directors find out. Aside from that, you gotta keep up with your grades or else, you're DEAD!

With all of the things that i've said, i'm sure all of you are wondering why i'm still here. You know why? When I became an SM, I learned the true meaning of DISCIPLINE. I also learned to be better in solving problems and in managing my time. My experience as a stage manager became my foundation in my On-the-job training. It can also be a training ground for people who wants to be successful in any field that they want to pursue in the future. I know for a fact that with the things that i've learned inside the theater, i am ready to do any tasks ahead of me. I know that with these things, i learned to become not just a responsible student but a responsible individual.