Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pussycat Dolls: An Album Review (2005)

Pussycat Dolls is more like the Spice Girls of the new generation. Not only did they posses the sexy vibe that the spice girls have, but they also have the unique talent in dancing and singing that girls my age love to imitate. One can easily tell that this sextet looked to the "girl power" icons for inspiration. While the Dolls may not have the same individual characteristics , they still have a very expansive musical understanding, along with the sassy and seductive image to go along with it.
PCD provides the listener with the likes of hip-hop, R&B, sprinkled with pop and even some saucy show tune vibes, 80's dance and even, shockingly, Jazz! And they pull all of this off. They are everywhere; from the television, radio and even the music charts. I can still remember how PCD dominated the music scene. Although they have gone their separate ways, the music of this girl group lives on. They are truly exceptional and talented in their own rights. One of the reason why I love this group is that their lead singer (Nicole) is a Filipina. It makes me really proud seeing my fellow countrymen succeed in the music scene.

Album Review: PCD

 Do you like music? Maybe hip-hop? Then you should listen to  "Pussycat Doll's (PCD)" album with the lead singer Nicole and the back-up singers Kimberly, Carmit, Ashley, Melody, and Jessica. There are 12 songs and hot and sexy artists sing all of them.“Don't Cha”  is a hot beat that runs over and over in your head and can't get it out.On the other hand, “Beep” is the funkiest song you might ever listen to. It combines spirit with great lyrics. Wait A Minute” worked out with one of the best producers in the business. It's a great song because it has this catchy vibe to it. “Stickwitu” is such a sweet song for a sassy album, but it compliments so well and sticks to you like sugar . It’s still on my playlist of love timeless love songs. “Buttons” is a song where we can find our man, Snoop Dog. It’s a sultry, seductive and sexy song. Perfect for sexy dances or pole dances. A must listen in the album. “I Don't Need A Man” is  co-written by Nicole herself with some of the best lyrics, such a theme song for all those single girls out there. It talks about how a woman can live without a partner. “Hot Stuff” is a  club beat that you really just want to chill and dance to . “How Many Times, How Many Lies” is  a sad song that is just perfect to listen to when you're down or just want to be emo. It’s the opposite of the track Stickwitu.  I would like to give props for giving such a good rendition of the song “Tainted Love”. They brought the sexiness of the song to the next level.“Feelin' Good” is one of my favorite song in the album. It has a slow sad beat with some happy lyrics.
Sure, the Pussycat Dolls are like the new Spice Girls, but who cares? This album is great .The only true singer in the group is the lead singer Nicole who sings all the lead and background vocals. This is pop/dance/urban meets burlesque, and it's great. For a surprisingly fun album with surprisingly adept vocals and wonderfully crafted songs, you will not go wrong with the Pussycat Dolls.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Usher Raymond: An Album Review (2004)

Usher has always been my favorite R&B artist because I really believe he produces quality music.  I have always liked Usher, not only is he sexy but his music can relate to any mood and anytime. Usher grabs you not only by his looks but by his voice, which can make you scream and make you cry.
Usher is plainly and simply himself, period. Unlike many pop stars of the day, he moved past his urge to expand outside of R&B and just stuck to what he was good at: crooning and performance. Usher is undeniably a very charismatic artist and always aims to please his core demographics and then some; you rarely see him in tabloids, you rarely take him as less than an authentic talent, and unlike some celebrities with scandals abound, you never really wish to punch him in the groin. It is a fact that some people love to hate Usher but you cant deny that he is the kind of musician that is for keeps in the music industry. As a fan whose been following his career for years, I saw him evolve into this matured man with matured music. He sure made me dance with his tracks before but now, he inspired me with his songs as he talks about adulthood. Listening to Usher’s hits is like a hard habit to break. He’s going to stay in the industry and he’s not going anywhere.

Album Review: Confessions

"Confessions," from Usher Raymond, is more than what we expect in an album. It's also a mature step forward and an exercise in self-examination. Here, Usher unloads some serious baggage, ranging from infidelity materialism, unwanted pregnancy and failed relationships, particularly his breakup with  Chili. But that's not to say "Confessions" is all drama and no fun. The album is neatly divided between up tempo jams and smooth ballads, and Usher doesn't disappoint on either front.
 Usher grabs your attention after the intro with his hit "Yeah!".It is almost impossible to hold back any dance moves that may be lying idle in your body. With a great solid and repetitive beat in the background, there is no way that you can help but bob your head and start shouting "Yeah!"  "Confessions" seems to have been written from personal experience and inner feelings. A listener gets a taste of this in the track "Burn." While Usher is hitting the sweet falsetto, there is a solid group of back up singers and a solid beat that is nothing short of being catchy. The heartfelt breakup song demonstrates how Usher can go from a very up beat feel in "Yeah!" to a laid back feel in "Burn." 
My two favorite tracks on Usher's Confessions album are "Truth Hurts" and "Simple Things." They are the trademarks of Usher because they are really downbeat in a kind of sudden way. They are a lot like the music he put out on his first album, sexy but they have a meaning. Not only to be sexy but to speak to you with strong feelings. "Truth Hurts and "Simple Things" go together when you look at their lyrical make up. I mean the whole CD goes together but these two tracks go hand in hand. All of the lyrics are consistent with one another.  The album showed off all of Usher's talents including, his incredible range and his catchy backgrounds that will make any head bob up and down. I thoroughly enjoyed this album. A must listen for all R&B lovers.