Monday, June 28, 2010

back when i was a child...

Out of boredom, I decided to look at my baby pictures for fun. As expected, I noticed a big change with regards to my facial features. I think I look cuter when I was a child. If I could turn back time, I would like to live my childhood years again. All you need to worry about is sleeping, eating and playing. Every experience is a learning process. Everyday is a new discovery. As I became older, things got more complicated and decision making became harder. Now, I really want to be a kid again. For sure another chance to experience my childhood would be interesting!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

student by day, stage manager by night

Being me is not as easy as it seems. Think about it: I wake up early in the morning, grab a bite, go to school, finish class at 8/9PM and then attend the theater rehearsal til 12MN. It's the same old routine from Mondays-Saturdays. Talk about not having my social life! You see, i'm stuck in being a student and a stage manager. And you probably are wondering what a stage manager is. Let me give you some info for you to understand my work better.

Stage management is the practice of organizing and coordinating a theatrical production. It encompasses a variety of activities, including organizing the production and coordinating communications between various personnel (directors, performers, prod staff, etc.).
The venue for the practice, the schedule of the rehearsals/show dates are pretty much the things that are visible in my "to-do" list. Not to mention the troubleshooting to be done when personal problems come into way. It's so obvious that being a stage manager is hard but what if you also have school work to keep in mind.

That's like the biggest dilemma. There are time when it's hard to keep the balance between school and work. When the show is fast approaching, you got to give extra time and effort to the practice and some important stuff. You have to be sure that even the tiniest problems are solved before the directors find out. Aside from that, you gotta keep up with your grades or else, you're DEAD!

With all of the things that i've said, i'm sure all of you are wondering why i'm still here. You know why? When I became an SM, I learned the true meaning of DISCIPLINE. I also learned to be better in solving problems and in managing my time. My experience as a stage manager became my foundation in my On-the-job training. It can also be a training ground for people who wants to be successful in any field that they want to pursue in the future. I know for a fact that with the things that i've learned inside the theater, i am ready to do any tasks ahead of me. I know that with these things, i learned to become not just a responsible student but a responsible individual.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

remake my work for what?

For the first time ever, my own work was criticized (in a bad way) by my prof. She said that my work is trash. I don't see anything wrong with my concept or even the script. She's comparing my work with her own life which is definitely wrong. I felt really depressed after the class. Good thing i got my friends who are always ready to back me up. I love you so much guys.

Basically, my concept is about a girl who is undergoing a psychological problem. The girl is a nymphomaniac and the story revolves around her and what caused her to be like that. I see nothing wrong with informing the public what nymphomaniac is. I based my work on what i see in the environment. I see no harm with my work because all I wanted is for my audience to see that sex is not just a thing you do for fun. Second, the way we act depends on the people we deal with everyday and what kind of community we live in. I want my work to be an eyeopener for the masses. Let's just be realistic that the western culture influence us a lot. It breaks my heart because I didn't get the opportunity to defend my work. I felt helpless and stupid because of her fearless comments. :( I know that I should give justice to my work. How can I do it if she wanted me to remake the story.?

Sex is strictly prohibited on our scripts. I hate her knowing that she is limiting our talents. I know that bad comments will make you stronger but i'm hoping that it's in the right place and time. Im not immoral, im just being realistic. I hope that next time, she will get the real concept of my work. If she knows what the theory of reasoned action is, she will definitely understand my work and how i constructed it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

War of the World (a film review)

The movie is definitely good. For a typical viewer, they may look at the movie as a masterpiece but for some, the movie have some cliche's which can be considered bad points for the film. With regards to the synopsis of the film, I can say that it's a stereotype man vs. alien kind of movie. Man fighting for survival against aliens is something that we usually see in the cinemas. I also observed that the latter part was very predictable. Of course, Spielberg wont let his lead actor die, right? With regards to the technicalities of the film, I would like to give props to the cinematographer and the film editor. They showed us the prefect example of advanced technology. They did well with the photoshop specially with the robot-like aliens. They made it look like as if the aliens are live in the flesh. The finishing of the layers of the film was magnificent. The scene where the soldiers hand-in-hand to defeat the aliens is really powerful. It seems as if i'm watching war between America and Iraq! (LOL) I would also like to give props to the wardrobe and make-up department. Their choice of style/outfit gave realness to every scene. The sound effects were scene appropriate so that's plus points for the movie.
overall, i give the film 4/5 stars. It would surely stand out on the digital film category. On a deeper notion, I think the film missed out on some few parts specially on the storyline. With that being said, it shows that Spielberg met the audience expectation. It's a must see for all ages!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the return of "IKABOD"

The clock is ticking. It's been months of preparation. After all the late night rehearsals and brainstorming, IKABOD the Musical is back with so much in store for its audience! Expect to see a fun filled show that the kids will surely enjoy. Watch out for a fun, fresh and exciting play only from the finest, AGHAM THeatre Company. For the list of showdates this coming August, please visit the official website of IKABOD, or you can always visit my sites for updates :)

To give you a hint about the story, please read this:
The musical play Ikabod is based on an ancient belief that rats are souls trapped in transition before evolving to a next life level; that of becoming humans. These rats have to arrive at a certain realization before being allowed to enter the gates of higher being.

However, hilarious as it may be, the guardians to these coveted gates are cats! And so it has been told that cats chase rats in order to ward them off from entering the gates, to adhere to the order of allowing only three rats (sorry, souls!) to enter humandom only once a year, on a full moon. Countless number of rats race to prove to the cats their worth as deserving of the cross-over.

Ikabod, a restless and discontented rat with an attitude, does everything to prove himself to the cats. The conflict and humor ensues when Daguita, Ikabod's femme fatale rat girlfriend, presents another point of view.

Contemporary as it may be, this play presents the classic ideals and values, including the choices we have to make in life. Laced with Original Pilipino Music, immersed in rock and roll arrangements, the play presents a light, almost whimsical, and hilarious treatment that will give its audience a careful check on values, existence and purpose. What else can be better than presenting this with the beautiful lyrics of familiar music to our sensibilities as rats (sorry, humans!).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

class A thriller :D

Hmmm .. today is just another typical day for me. I went to school to start the first process of registration. As usual, i was caught in the end of the line because I came very late to school. I'm really worried bout my grades because some of them are not so pleasing to the eye.. (you know what I mean). Another thing that I really hate about enrollment is seeing the students who failed complying with their requirements; and friends who transfer to another school because of failing. I really hate it when there's nothing you can do to make them stay. :(

As I walk to the hallway, I saw the worst dean ever, looking so flashy as if she's going to a party or something. I really hate that walking corpse! haha .. I can imagine the next school year with her. For sure, even the incoming first year students will not stand her! For your reading pleasure, i will give you more info about her:

She really loves it when she sees a student fail or when someone drops out of the course.
She loves it when the students agree to her plans and visions even if it will not help anyone but her. As a dean, she hires people who are very close to her and who are willing to make your college life a living hell.

She likes to be seen on TV (NOYPI channel 2 :)) )
She is pro-herself, not pro-student .. (if theres sumthin like that)
She looks like a living corpse! ( believe me! haha!)

Just imagine what it feels like seeing someone that you really hate (ex: my dean) when you are enrolling yourself in monster school with bunch of devilish registrar people ... what a perfect class A thriller isnt it? :)