Sunday, January 15, 2012

Join Walgreens Prescription Savings Club And Save A Lot Of Money

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

I heard my grandma and my mom talked about Walgreens today and they seemed so concerned about it.  I did not have any idea what they were talking about but I learned later that my cousin in the military went to Walgreens the other night for medication refill and was denied.  Apparently, he did not know that Walgreens was no longer among the pharmacy providers under Express Script which Tricare is part of.  Tricare is the military personnel's medication plan. 

Since my cousin has been using Walgreens since he could remember, he was in denial about this whole thing.  I understand he does not want to lose the benefits he and his family are entitled to.  He got no choice but pick another pharmacy that is part of the network.  Listening to my grandma and mom discussing about the Walgreens and Express Script, I could only sympathize with everyone affected by this especially those in the military.  

Despite the expected loss in terms of customers which translate to huge profits, Walgreens vows to help affected members go through a less stressful transition process.  It also provides measures to help its members save money by giving them big discounts on medication and some of its services.  They made this possible by giving an amazing discount in January, in the yearly membership fees for individual and family plans under the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club.  

I'm sure we cannot deny the fact that Walgreens is really doing a great job in serving the citizens in this country by making sure they are provided high quality medication prescription services that we all deserve.  Whatever the reason for Express Script' in dropping Walgreens off their list, I believe we need to support Walgreens.  If you are with me, like Walgreens on Facebook and follow Walgreens on Twitter.  Share your thoughts with everyone including the media. 

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Friday, January 13, 2012

I had a blast!

We had a blast when we visited my mom's former office yesterday to see tickets to the play "Alamat" to mom's former officemates and friends.  We were so excited to see people who became close to us since we were kids. Mom used to take us with her on special occasions at work so we got to know her friends too. We consider them our "titos" and "titas" and i guess they were also excited to see us.  They could not believe how we have grown big, lol!  They took us around and I am truly grateful for their help and generosity.  Thank you guys!  We really appreciate it!  I hope we get to see you more often.  I hope you will enjoy the show and I hope to see you there!