Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello Central.

I'm one the few people from Makati who doesn't know what Central is. I've been hearing good reviews about that place eversince I started drinking. My friends told me that it's a very affordable place where you can chill and hangout after a hard days work. I've also heard that the crew are very friendly and accommodating. With all that said, I'm determined to go to that place before this year end.

Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to go with my friends to Central. As expected, the place exceeded my expectations. Their cocktails were very affordable yet appealed positively on my tastebuds! The food tasted delicious and the waiters are oh-so friendly! I also liked the vibe that the the place have. Another thing that I like about that place is that you can freely talk to the group sitting next to you. It felt as if you're just drinking at a nearby beer garden near your school. I had so much fun!

I'm looking forward to more drinking sessions at Central. If you feel like drinking your heart out in a chill kind of way, Central is definitely a must try.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

From baked to steamed.

      Eversince my sister and I discovered how baked macaroni taste like, we promised that we will try to make a low budget version of that dish  without the use of an oven. I know that sounds impossible since the name of the dish has "baked" in it but we're really determine to make impossible things possible! Good thing our aunt was kind enough to share us her secret in making this dish by using a steamer. So it's like were substituting oven with a steamer. It was really confusing just thinking about it. The dilemma of making the cheese melt without the use of an oven or even a microwave... That will surely put my cooking skills to the test!

      To cut the long story short, We cooked the sauce first and boiled the elbow macaroni . (The usual stuff that you do in making baked macaroni. I wont go through the ingredients and procedure since this is not a recipe blog that I'm making here :p ) We tried to fill the llaneras with the mixture and my sissie was smart enough to find a roux recipe in youtube. Just like the usual stuff, we pour the mixture, top it with some roux, cover the llaneras with foil and steam the dish for half an hour. We were really surprised with the outcome because it tasted so good! Before you know it, our creation was sold out in just a blink of an eye. Right now, were eyeing to make one for the holidays. It will surely be a hit on our kitchen table!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A fresh start.

      It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I've been through a lot these past few months and I noticed that not being able to write about those things sucked big time. Writing has a very special place in my heart. It's like a significant other that you can't get over with. My passion for writing ignited way back my elementary days. I can still remember how I love writing those feature stories for our school paper. It was mind bloating yet fulfilling all at the same time. When I realized back then that I can write better than others, I know that this is something that I will not get tired doing forever.

      Actually, this post is not created to tell you something about me. Let this be a reminder for myself that from now on, I will not let an experience pass without blogging about it. Let's just say, this can be like a welcome back post for me? (LOL) with all these said, you know what to expect with my blog in the coming days :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

"Call Me Maybe" Cover

Since this song has gone viral, we decided to give it a try. Good thing we both got some pipes to belt out the lines in the song. As usual, we did it when we got hit by boredom at around 1AM yesterday. This is also a follow up on our Material Girl Cover that our followers loved. (followers meaning, relatives, close friends, etc.) We don't want to give an impression that we're trying to be a famewho*e or anything, we just want to have fun. Please bear with us for the video quality is not as good as the previous one. Give us some suggestions for the next cover! Please rate/comment on the video. Enjoy :))

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boredom Strikes at Midnight

This is what we do when we got nothing to do. LOL :)) Since my sister is really good at singing while I have this average voice, we decided make some song cover to get through the night. We went through a lot of selections on Youtube until we decided to give "Material Girl" by Madonna a try. The funny thing is, we're doing a cover of a song which is older than us. FYI: this song was released on 1985 while the both of us are 90's babies. After countless takes, we finished this song before dawn. Please rate/ comment on the video. Don't be so harsh, we're not pros and we're not trying to be Youtube sensation :)) enjoy :p

Monday, March 19, 2012

Night out with my loves :)

The title tells it all. Do I really need to spill the details? LOL. My mom and her long lost sister (tita) just came from abroad and what other way to celebrate their homecoming than a mouth watering dinner with all of them? Well, that's what we did. What made last night extra special was the bonding that we had at High Street. That was actually the first time I tried Bo's coffee and I was happy because it met my expectations. The coffee can be lined with the leading coffee shop in PI.( Starbucks, Seatlles Best, etc.) Aside from that, we also bought some cupcakes from Sonja's. Red velvet cupcake as usual is my favorite but the other flavors are all so good, I wanna eat them all! As the clock strikes at 11PM, we parted ways and went home very happy. Hopefully, this will not be the last time that we'll be doing this. :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Nanay Lorry's Birthday Celebration

 Every year, we are looking forward to this day. Aside from the fact that this is the birthday of my beloved tita, everyone is also looking forward for their tummies to be full. Every year is such a festive celebration which includes gigantic food serving and of course, a nice venue to spend it with. My cousin make sure that every year will be a treat for my tita for this is such a special day to her. This year was no different.
      This year, we celebrated her birthday at the Seafood Island Resto at Market! Market! Taguig. As expected, seafoods were overflowing on our table. I'm really happy because we haven't experience boodle type of serving for a while. Lucky me, I only have my sister and my dad as my partner on our boodle serving. We ate our hearts out until our tummies got really stuffed. It was one hell of a feast!
  Don't ever think that we only come on the party for the food. My sister and I gave a very heartwarming message to my tita. Well, we want to make it more real, so we just delivered our message direct to the  point. I'm just surprised that everyone liked it. After that, we had a mini raffle and I won an umbrella. I am such a lucky girl. We ended the party with the bang! Everyone left the venue with smile on their faces. My tita couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back When I Was a Child... (Pt.2)

        I found this really old pictures as I was browsing through Facebook. While looking at it, It brought back memories of my childhood that I enjoyed. Those times when me and my cousins play during summer, the food that my grandmother prepare for us every morning and even those little yet memorable scenes when I spend most of my time on the swing which was made by my late grandfather. As memories keep coming through my head, I came up with a realization that I really miss being a kid. Those times when all you have to think about is taking a bath after playing all day, those times when you're problems are just basic math problems and pop quizzes, and even those times wherein petty quarrels are solved by a simple "Sorry".
      As you become older, you realized that things become more complicated and harder to solve. Situations are not as easy as ABC. You can't spend most of your time on the swing for it will affect your schedule the whole day, or if you're so unlucky, even the following day. If given a chance to go back in the past, I would definitely give it another try. If that is possible, I will do my best to cherish every moment of it. If that is possible, I would give it a try in a heartbeat.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Join Walgreens Prescription Savings Club And Save A Lot Of Money

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

I heard my grandma and my mom talked about Walgreens today and they seemed so concerned about it.  I did not have any idea what they were talking about but I learned later that my cousin in the military went to Walgreens the other night for medication refill and was denied.  Apparently, he did not know that Walgreens was no longer among the pharmacy providers under Express Script which Tricare is part of.  Tricare is the military personnel's medication plan. 

Since my cousin has been using Walgreens since he could remember, he was in denial about this whole thing.  I understand he does not want to lose the benefits he and his family are entitled to.  He got no choice but pick another pharmacy that is part of the network.  Listening to my grandma and mom discussing about the Walgreens and Express Script, I could only sympathize with everyone affected by this especially those in the military.  

Despite the expected loss in terms of customers which translate to huge profits, Walgreens vows to help affected members go through a less stressful transition process.  It also provides measures to help its members save money by giving them big discounts on medication and some of its services.  They made this possible by giving an amazing discount in January, in the yearly membership fees for individual and family plans under the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club.  

I'm sure we cannot deny the fact that Walgreens is really doing a great job in serving the citizens in this country by making sure they are provided high quality medication prescription services that we all deserve.  Whatever the reason for Express Script' in dropping Walgreens off their list, I believe we need to support Walgreens.  If you are with me, like Walgreens on Facebook and follow Walgreens on Twitter.  Share your thoughts with everyone including the media. 

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Friday, January 13, 2012

I had a blast!

We had a blast when we visited my mom's former office yesterday to see tickets to the play "Alamat" to mom's former officemates and friends.  We were so excited to see people who became close to us since we were kids. Mom used to take us with her on special occasions at work so we got to know her friends too. We consider them our "titos" and "titas" and i guess they were also excited to see us.  They could not believe how we have grown big, lol!  They took us around and I am truly grateful for their help and generosity.  Thank you guys!  We really appreciate it!  I hope we get to see you more often.  I hope you will enjoy the show and I hope to see you there!