Friday, February 25, 2011

A visit to Vogue

It's been a while since I had a night out with friends. Last night, me and my girl friends decided to unwind just for a bit to lessen the stress that we've been encountering for months. We've been really excited because it was the first time for us to go out without a male companion. 10AM arrived and we decided to give Bargos a try. When we arrived at Home Depot Ortigas, we were surprised to find out that they changed the name of the place. From Bargos, they changed it to Vouge. The place is still the the same, even the waiters looked familiar. After observing around the vicinity, we decided to place our orders. We settled for Tanduay Ice since we never planned to get drunk. We had a bucket of the goodies and that's it. As we exchanged conversations, some guys were hitting on my friends. I found it so funny since those guys are just like my dad. It was actually a bad night for boys hunting. When we finished our drinks, we decided to go home. We surely had a blast.

 I never knew a company of three would be so much fun. I am looking forward to more parties with them. I know that is not my last time at Vogue. After last night, I put Vogue on my list of my favorite resto bar.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The guy in the purple shirt :)

If you have been following my blog from multiply, you will definitely know how this post would go. I can still remember how I got so hooked in blogging due to a certain encounter with a guy who was so cute and charming. Oh well, I never had a chance to ask his name because I was too shy to approach him that time. Anyway, I decided to blog about him and find out if  I can get details about this guy through my posts. Luckily, I found him, I got his name and even more. Too bad, I never had a chance to see him again. Time passed and my hots for this guy faded. Oh well, that's life.

I was with my friends last Friday and we were on a jeep going to Guadalupe until a guy in a purple shirt entered the jeep. I stared at him for five long seconds and I was so amused with his looks. I don't know what kind of spirit entered my body when I bravely told the guy "Hi kuya, ang cute mo naman.". I was surprised with what I said but I decided to go with the flow since it seemed as if he's okay with it. So I started to utter things and my friends were so shocked to see me behave that way. Too bad, he rode the jeep for 15 short minutes. What made the situation more disappointing is that I didn't even got his name. How bad could my day be? 

 I can still remember how that guy in the purple shirt looked. Wherever you are, I hope that one day, I get to see you again and hopefully, we can ride the jeepney together. I just hope this wont be like the guy in the yellow shirt scenario.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vanessa Carlton: An Album Review (2002)

What’s not to like with Vanessa Carlton? Her amazing voice, stunning lyrics, and awesome piano playing make her seem much older than her 20 something years. Her songs  promises to make Vanessa a household name, but more than that, it plainly shows that she is more than just a young female singer-songwriter. She is a talented musician and that is evidenced by every note of her every song.

I am just so proud of Vanessa for begging to be different from everyone else. She does what the pop industry is terrified of… she's herself. No elaborate vocals or gyrating to an infectious beat. Beautiful, smooth, sultry and expressive melodies laced with a unique and elegant-sounding voice. For your information, she came out of her shelf when she debuted her song. She was a ballerina for years but instead of pursuing a career on ballet, she chose to be a musician. If you will look around the music scene today, you’ll see no signs of this singer. Vanessa Carlton disappeared way too quickly, and when you think of some of the more successful people she was competing with at the time, this is a sad fact. If you want a fresh, unspoiled talent to listen to, I strongly suggest that you listen to Vanessa. Too bad she is nowhere to be found in the present. As far as I can remember, her debut song still haunts my playlist in my friendster profile. She provide  us with high quality of music that people of any age can relate to.

Album review: Be Not Nobody

 Vanessa Carlton's album, Be Not Nobody, is nothing short of incredible. From the opening chords of "Ordinary Day" to the last trailing notes of "Twilight", Be Not Nobody is an album you won't be able to turn off.
The album started of with “Ordinary Day”. It has an ethereal and interesting message of spontaneity and chasing down dreams. It's upbeat and somewhat classical sounding. She expresses her feelings of inferiority in the relationship in the song “Unsung”. The vocals and strong backbeat make it an interesting contrast with the rest of the album. The keys employed and the melody combination of the song “A thousand miles”  are signs of sheer brilliance. The lyrics aren't spectacular, but the piano more than compensates. “Paradise” is sheer brilliance. The girl described in the song is fighting an internal conflict with herself even though she's in "paradise." The lyrics are vague and could be perceived differently by different people, the smoothness of the melody and emotion of Vanessa's voice make it impossible to deny this song.  “Paint in Black” is best cover songs I've heard in years. Her voice is bursting with emotion and power as she pounds through the song with passion and varying tempos. Twilight is absolutely beautiful . With its evasively smooth and substantial lyrics , you cant get enough of it.

On the other hand, I found two songs that are actually not my thing. “Pretty baby” has a catchy bridge but compared to the other song by Vanessa, this is totally skippable. “Sway” is a total turn  off. It lacks power and the lyrics have nothing special to it.
 Be Not Nobody is a breath of fresh air in a world that is bogged down by teeny-bopper and dance anthem. The music is so real. A must listen to people who goes for sensible music.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A review of "My Amnesia Girl"


 I've been working my butt off for weeks and I really need a break. The bad thing is that I can't find time to relax since I had lot of things to do in a limited time. For your information, graduation is fast approaching and of course, you need to give your best for you to make it on the list. Yesterday, as I was thinking of ways to battle stress, My sister decided to put a DVD on the player. She asked me to give "My Amnesia Girl" a try. I was doubting at first but eventually, I decided to watch the movie,

I was surprised to love the movie. I never love mainstream Filipino movies. I found stories of Filipino films common and majority of the films are full of stereotypes. Good thing this one change my perception on this. "My Amnesia Girl" entertained me from start to finish. I found the story unoriginal but hey, the acting of the lead stars was outstanding. It was a feel good movie that will make you laugh and fall in love at the same time. I was laughing so hard because it was full of cheesy punchlines that are in a way, very cute. Aside from that, the movie have supporting actors that didn't failed to deliver. The scriptwriter was a genius for giving us unforgettable lines that will stay on our minds for years. I never knew Tony and John Lloyd have a chemistry. I would like to give props to the director, Cathy Molina for giving us wonderful movies for the past years. People my age would say that the best movie of this time is  probably "One More Chance". I can confidently say that "My Amnesia Girl" has surpass the said movie in some ways. A must watch for people who wants to laugh and get a dose of famous, corny punch lines that we encounter on a daily basis.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Believe when I say that thesis is downright scary.

Thesis will make your brains explode. Me and my sister have been revising the first two chapters of our thesis    for a month and up to now, we found plenty of revisions after the consultation with our adviser. What made thesis making harder is the fact that this process is usually done by groups of four, but as for us, we we're doing the whole thing just by ourselves. Believe us, it's just me and my sister Patty. Talk about brainstorming, sleepless nights, and thinking of ways to produce a quality video output about our study. The clock is ticking and there is no room for errors. Hopefully, In God's will, we will finish all of these on time. Did I mention that we haven't prepared for the defense yet? Oh God, the coming weeks will surely feel like hell.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Renewed love for cooking :)

 I'm starting to get lunatic over our thesis so I decided to give myself a little treat. Due too truckload of schoolworks, I haven't had the time to do what I really love doing. As you all know, I've been cooking almost half of my life it makes me really happy serving delicious dishes to the people that I love. Because I really missed doing this, I decided to renew my love for it. After refreshing my memory with dishes that I know how to prepare, I decided to stick with the one that I'm craving for. I don't consider this as my specialty but people who got a taste of it loved it. If you think that I chose to prepare carbonara, you're judgement is correct. 

I started things off by buying the ingredients needed for the dish. Good thing the nearby wet market can provide everything that I needed. After that, I prepared the ingredients for cooking. Talk about chopping and mincing some of the ingredients. It was then followed by the cooking proper. I need not to mention the details because I have this technique in cooking which is something that I don't feel like sharing. (LOL). When I finished cooking, I served the food to my family and thank God, everybody loved it! Whenever I see people happy with the dish that I prepared, it feels as if I'm in cloud nine. I was happy to know that I still have that magic in the kitchen. I set my mind that on vacation, i'll give more time to these and hopefully discover more dishes that me and my family would love.