Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bonding with my sister ....

It is always fun to have a bonding time with my sister Tin especially on a special occasion like Christmas. I am happy she came and spend some time with us her siblings on Christmas day.  That was one of the highlights of our celebration of Christmas this year.  She had the chance to meet up with old friends - her playmates when she was a kid.  It is fun watching them catching up, reconnecting and reminisce the past.  They miss each other for sure.  I hope ate Tin would visit us more often because we miss her! 

Ate Tin with her childhood friends Ate Kat and Izza

Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 days to go to Christmas!

Three more days to go and it is Christmas!  Everyone at home is already busy preparing.  I am particularly in-charge with the food on the table for noche buena, just like the previous years.  I don't really mind as I enjoy preparing food for my family and friends who are all welcome to come join us on that day.  We always prepare simple filipino dishes but we always end up with so much food on the table as neighbors would always share what they got and vice versa.  Isn't that the true essence of christmas?  Sharing love, that is!  But, we don't have to wait for Christmas to share love.  We can do it everyday, anytime, and anywhere! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Busy marketing ....

My sister Patty and I have been busy helping in the marketing of the play Alamat which will be shown hopefully next month.  We are doing it for the love of the theater.  I am expecting busy days ahead of us so I am calling my friends to watch this great show.  Those who missed it last  month should make sure you watch it this time.  We never know when it's gonna be shown again.  I promise you a great show guys.  You will not regret watching it.  Bring the whole family with you! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Me and my dad!

  My dad is the only man in my life right now.  He is the best! He is not perfect just like anybody else but he is trying to be perfect for us kids.  I love him to death and will do anything for him.  I am lucky to have a dad like him.  For those who still have parents, a mother or father or both, shower them with your love.  Give them attention as much as you could because you could not take back the time that is already lost.  Saying "i love you" to your loved ones is meaningful is you mean it.  To you dad, I love You! And i truly mean it!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry christmas!


Our christmas tree was up as early as October but we continue to decorate it like a work in progress.  We decided to put it up that early because we want to enjoy the Christmas season for a longer time.  Let's admit it, having christmas ornaments give us the feel of the holiday season - the christmas spirit is something everyone would like to feel.  Since it is the first day of the December, let me be the first to greet everyone a merry, merry Christmas.  I hope everyone will have a wonderful Christmas as you spend it with your loved ones!