Sunday, May 23, 2010

best of both worlds

If I wasn't a broadcasting Major, I probably be a culinary Student. I'm a frustrated cook since I was 6 . I can still picture myself as a kid when I was so excited to have the pan in my hand. Well, you can connect my obsession in cooking with eating. For you to know the real story, let me give you a look back on the days when I started to love making dishes. I was in grade 2 when I became curious with what I eat. Not that calorie count or balance diet curiosity but what's in the food that makes it delicious!

When I was 7, I learned to cook a perfect egg. It was such an accomplishment because it's really hard to keep the yolk in the middle. After the egg, i tried filipino dishes. I was in grade 5 when I learned to cook adobo. It eventually become my specialty since everybody loved it! I also tried learning dishes from other places. Here in the Philippines, the use of coconut milk as one of the main ingredients is a must. Later on, i tried out dishes with the use of coconut milk and surprisingly, everybody loved it! I also tried party dishes, baking, grilling, etc. I pretty much knew the basic and even some complicated things to keep in mind while cooking.

When I entered college, I had a little twist done with my cooking. Since the Philippines is experiencing recession, (LOl) I tried inventing budget-friendly dishes without sacrificing its taste. Imagine a 1-kilo tuna spaghetti worth 200pesos? I bet it tastes much much better than the pasta dishes that our school cafeteria offers. I also tried cooking some beef, pork and chicken recipes that my family adored. I can confidently say that yeah, im good with what I do. :)

It's obvious that im enjoying two different worlds at the same time. It's like looking for a connection between a pan and a paper. Or even linking a pen and a spatula. But even if it's hard to keep the balance between the two, I sure do enjoy living on both worlds. With these in mind, im planning to attend culinary school after graduation. I hope that's possible!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

im proud of who i am :)

They say that being a teenager is hard. What they don't know is that it's much harder for teens who have "extra pounds" on their belly. A normal teen would complain about acne, love problems and peer pressure. A not-so-normal teen like me would think of other stuff like my physique, bullying, etc. It's really hard to undergo this stage when you have lots of things to deal with.

Everything got more complicated when I entered college. Aside from adjusting to the new environment, you also have to adjust on the people around you. On the first days of classes, I used to get attention in the school's hallway not because i'm pretty/fly but because I don't look like the normal type of teen you see regularly. In some instances, when we're asked to do physical stuff on our Physical Education subject, it's really hard to keep up with the activities because of my extra pounds. As days go by, things become complicated than usual. More problems entered my way, not to mention the boy problems which is considered just a side dish in a plate. Some teenagers who are dealing with the same problems like mine have this idea of settling for less because they have no option. With these problems in my hand, I learned to face and solve it one by one with the help of no one but myself.

These problems made me realize that there are more to life than these things that we usually see. Talk about the inner beauty. Having a self-check once in a while to know yourself better. Undergoing this stage in my life made me realize what's important in life. I learned to love myself more and be proud of who I am. I became stronger in handling problems and became wiser in making decisions. I became a good decision maker. I found out that in every problem, there's always a solution. With every solution, there's always an option. Never think that having extra pounds is a disadvantage in life. Better yet, accept and love who you are for people to love you in return. When you learn to be proud of who you are, for sure everything will follow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

campaign 2010

Being active during the campaign of my cousin is fun.It's one way of connecting to people form other places within our city. I also gained new friends form different walks of life. In a way, the bond between me and my other relatives became stronger since most of us participated on my cousin's campaign. Because of this experience, I realized that there's more to our city that meets the eye. I became aware of the problems that our city is facing since it is being tackled during the speech of the candidates during their meetings. Above all, it showed me how my cousin really love to serve Makati City. It's a fact that she is a very trustworthy councilor. I know she will be a big help for the people of Makati.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pre-marital sex

Some say that it’s a total “NO- NO”. Some think its something to do for fun. Some
teenagers think its normal why others lack knowledge about it. Because of this topic, a question popped out of my head: Is premarital sex normal on our society or is it something compared to a mortal sin?

In the United States, about 74% of the teen population thinks that premarital sex is
normal. It’s like something to get over with. Knowing that America is a liberated country, I was not surprised with the statistic at all. As I browsed up the internet, I found out that individuals from 13-19 yrs. old are fond of doing this act. Think about it, if children/ teens from America is doing it, there’s a big possibility that they can influence the Filipino children. Scary isn’t it?

Now, it made me think deeper … If we do premarital sex, can we benefit from it?
Premarital sex experience benefits us both physically and psychologically – conducive to health, because of the urgent need, not towed until adulthood. According to psychological studies, it shows that the organs of our body become mature because of hormone secretion. Psychologically, people will, accordingly with the changes, have sexual desire, which is normal. If the desire cannot be satisfied, it will affect people’s work, learning, and life.
However, it varies according to different people – some are very strong, and some are very weak. When people are with a strong desire, the so-called “sexual energy”, they can temporarily alleviate the sexual energy produced by having sex, which can give them a happy feeling, and a sense of achievement.

Premarital sex in general have occurred in the students and those without a stable source of community among the youths. They have sex because sex is something curious for them, and they will not be responsible, or in any obligations. When the sexual desire is gone, and something unexpected happens, some of them have the psychological fear and inferiority. Because premarital sex occurred in the majority of those who lack the knowledge of sex and experience, they may be pregnant after having sex, which may do great harm to these women physically and psychologically. Some of the disease once infected, there is no way to treat the disease, such as AIDS.

I think premarital sexual experience has pros and cons, and by and large, the benefit of premarital sex is far less than the disadvantages. It’s still up to us if we will do it or not. In my opinion, premarital sex is something that we should not be doing because sex is something to be done by couples who got married. However, I know that some people are against my belief. People have different mindset and I totally respect that. Up to now, how to solve the problem of premarital sex behavior still remain an arduous task and a problem for us to tackle