Sunday, August 29, 2010


We have been so busy getting ready for the showing of Ikabod, the nusical play which will be held on Saturday, September 4th at the University iof Makati Main Theater.  This a play that everyone should see.  We worked so hard to make this play entertaining for everyone - kids and oldies alike.  Come, join us in this play!  Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

laboratory tests are freaking me out!

It's been months since I was diagnosed with this very rare disease. There's no need for me to mention what it is because I've been mentioning it a lot on my recent posts. In line with my oral medication, I have to undergo some laboratory test almost every week which is painful not only in the body but in the pocket.

When you're about to get your blood sugar tested, you have to go through a 12-hour long fasting (no food, no water,no everything) before taking the test. It's a standard operating procedure for the result to be consistent. Imagine your body not taking any dose of water for 12 hours? Now that's what you call sacrifice! Aside from that, I also tried flourensic angiogram. This is probably the most painful laboratory test of all. It's a test wherein they will inject a fluid to your veins for them to see the back of your eye. This test is recommended by my doctor since I'm having a problem with my retina. I've exeperiened double pain because before that flourensic angiogram, I have to undergo this freaking skin test which is way worse than any vaccine. I also tried chest x-ray for them to see if my lungs are healthy and of course, I even tried two of the easiest lab tests which are the urinalysis and fecalysis. Just give them a sample of your urine and feces and wait for the result the following day. Imagine as I go through all of these things every week. Hard much?

You know what, taking care of your body is really hard. Knowing if you're really healthy is much, much harder. Imagine yourself going through all of these? Bottomline is, there is no harm in having an active lifestyle. Choosing the right meal plan is a must. If you don't want to experience these tests that i'm going through, try to listen to my advice. Do you want to  go through  numerous lab tests, sacrifice some cravings and some bills in the pocket? Think about it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

old school is better.

If I were to describe our group report on Broadcast Issues, I would say it's terrible! First, the projector that we requested from our college's office was not released. You know why? Simply because the one who is in-charge of the equipment left the office early. Talk about being irresponsible. Second, the files that are needed on our video presentation were not saved on the USB. Third, we couldn't render our presentation on a video format because the Adobe installer was having some problems. What made this scenario worst is that no one printed a copy of the script of the report. The script will be a big help because it can be our guide for us to discuss each topic to the class even if it's not supported with a video presentation.

Now it made us think why we rely so much on advanced technology. Good thing some of the sub-topics on our report was touched during the early semesters. Imagine discussing a report you barely even know for 3 hours. That's what you call psychological suicide! On the lighter note, we got through that very critical hours. We finished our report with no side comments from the class. A little advice to all of you: sometimes, old school style of reporting is preferable than the techie ones. Be prepared and don't rely on a computer because it can destroy your future! LOL!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Wedding

 My niece got married to her long time boyfriend for 7 years. Everybody was excited including me of course, who was assigned to do the program flow and to host a little bit on the reception. We had a 3-hour trip to Sonya's garden Tagaytay where the special thing happened. As we arrived on the venue, I was really impressed with the place. The garden was extraordinary and everything looks perfect for the wedding. The reception hall look really fabulous! If I were to compare their wedding to some of the wedding I attended in to, I must say that this wedding has some edge among others. We arrived at 3pm so we have to rush some few polishings on the decorations since the wedding will start at 4pm. As expected, the wedding started late because we have to wait for the judge. ( I forgot to say it's just a civil wedding ) The ceremony was just 30 mins. long so the program was focused more on the reception. At the reception proper, we did some wedding rituals like the wedding toast, cutting of the cake, etc. My sister became the entertainer of the night. She sang 5songs for the couple. Everything was perfect. The food was great, people are happy and everything run smoothly. I can't wait for them to have a church wedding. For sure it will be double the fun!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

cramming 2.0

I have a wedding program to organize tomorrow and too bad, my brain lipids are not working as usual. I have to come up with a cool program flow for the reception that the guests will enjoy. I'm not new on doing these things but I find it really difficult to organize a wedding specially when you don't even have much information about the wedding. What I did is to come up with the things-to-do in a wedding reception. Talk about the wedding toast, first dance, and all that stuffs. I also tried to come up with the list of wedding games that everybody will enjoy. I'm also in charge of the song list that the technical people will play on every part of the program.