Friday, October 15, 2010

Destiny's Child: An Album Review (2001)

Destiny’s Child defines what a real girl group is. From their song, to their individual personalities to their sense of style, its like a bag full of goodies. We all know how these girls dominate the airwaves and even our television screens during high school. They are Pop and R&B put together in one group. They are talented in many ways. A perfect role model for starters who wants to make it big in the music scene.
If you take a closer look into the career of this girl group, you will agree with me when I say that Beyonce pretty much dominate the vocals. Although this seems to be pretty obvious, this does not become a hindrance for me to love the girls equally. I believe that these girls are unique in their own little way. People who know little of this group are those who experienced unhappy childhood. I can support my statement because even people aged like my mom knows DC. Destiny's Child is the finest female group in the world, they come up with one catchy hit song after another. There are 4 #1 hits on their debut album alone. Their songs are irresistible and you just cant get enough of them. Although this group has gone their separate ways, their music lives on. I wouldn’t mind another reunion from this group in the near future.

Album Review: Survivor

Survivor is the second studio album from the trio Destiny’s Child. This album shows how the group evolve with their music and lyrics. The album give us powerful tracks and dance anthems that we still enjoy up to this very day.
The album started of with “Independent Woman”. It is a good song possessing a catchy lyrics and melody. “Survivor” is one of, if not the absolute, best on the album. Very catchy, infectious melody and lyrics. “Bootylicious” has a nice funky, sassy tune. A fun song to dance with. A confidence anthem for the ladies, basically. Some complain about the melody of “Nasty Girl”  which I suppose could be better, but I still think it's catchy. And yes, it is kind of ironic, because even before they wrote this song, DC had been known to wear skanky outfits themselves. “Happy Face” is a feel good song. If you’re sad and want to feel better, I recommend for you to listen to this song. "Emotion", is one of my all-time favourite Destiny's Child songs. Lyrically and vocally, it is simply exquisite and classy. The background music is beautiful as well. Another bonus is that Beyonce does not take over this song with all her ad-libs. Instead, she lets the other girls sing lead and the harmonies are stunning. "Dangerously In Love", on the contrary, is dominated by Beyonce. However, that does not entirely prevent it from being a beautiful, touching song about being in love. Lyrically, this is one of the better songs that Beyonce co- wrote. “Brown Eyes” is  incredibly touching, and Beyonce let one of the other girls, Michelle I believe, to sing lead. After that comes the heartbreaking "Story of Beauty" about a girl who was abused in several ways. Though the song is not a ballad, as most would expect, it gets the message across easily. 
Overall, "Survivor" is a great album that's destined to be a classic. This is sure to please many listeners for a long time. Such musical combination makes a great listening experience

Thursday, October 7, 2010

98 Degrees: Album Review (2000)

 I can still remember how I sing along with their songs on MTV during the weekends. Those were the time that boy bands are hot and punk bands are not so close to that. I remember when I got hooked to their song “I Do”. I still consider this song as my wedding song if ever I get married in the future. Aside from the obvious fact that the group is composed of four hot guys, they all can sing and all are given enough spotlights compared to other boy bands who live to outshine each other members. Even though 98 degrees didn’t get the fame that BSB experienced, they still are known for giving people good music and songs that sweep you off your feet. I would love to see another 98 degrees reunion in the future.
 People who followed the career of this group would agree with me when I say that they are way better than NSYNC. They produced songs that are easy on the ears. Their music is timeless. If you want to fall in love or just get inspired with love, you definitely have to listen to these guys.


Revelation by 98 Degrees, is a fairly good CD from this vocal group. The songs are a mix of sugary ballads and fast tempo dance songs. The lyrics have an emphasis on love and romance. The latin infused pop smash hit "Una Noche" is sensual, fun. "Stay The Night" is a beautiful crooning pop love song classic. There's much more where that came from. Nick Lachey does a fantastic job on lead vocals. His distinctive sounding smooth as silk tenor voice gets strong when it needs to without losing its cooing softness, and his diction is great, allowing you to understand every lyric he sings. Up tempos like "The Way You Want Me To" can have you shake your booty to its catchy beats, perhaps reminiscent of the now popular "dirty pop" brand of up tempos. Other up tempos like "He'll Never Be What I Used To Be To You" and "You Should Be Mine" could get you to the dance floor in an instant with their catchy beats and pronounced lyrics.  "Yesterday's Letter" which in my opinion is the best song on the album, takes you to a moody scenario of a break up. Perhaps as melancholy as the group's previous hit "The Hardest Thing", "Yesterday's Letter" tugs at one's emotions with its soft piano keys and painfully sung lyrics.  "My Everything"  is time reminiscent of the group's hit, "I Do Cherish You", is a ballad that can double as a love song, as well as an inspirational/spiritual song. The album ends with "Never Giving Up" is an Earth Wind and Fire-sounding up tempo. It starts with soft piano keys and gradually infuses with dance beats.

The album as a whole is a delightful mix of dirty pop and beautiful ballads. The group has strayed a little bit away from their Motown roots but has manages to introduce a new audience to its music with their pop tunes. This album give us R&B at its best. An amazing album. This album is a revelation.