Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My other family ....

Aside from my family, the people that I can't live without are my friends. They are the people who know me the most. Imagine a foundation of a friendship that's been around for 8years? We sure have lots of experiences down the memory lane. They have been my confidant during those depressing times. They became my cheerleaders when i'm about to give up on something. Most of the time, knowing that they are there to make me laugh is enough reason for my day to be complete. Can you imagine your life without your friends? It's like losing the other half of your body. A reminder to all: cherish your friends and be good in picking them. With the foundation that we built for years,I can say that our friendship will continue til eternity.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

being rhetoric is not good. trust me.

I had a great time in school today .. As usual, the schedule had been changed again and again .. I dont even know the real and permanent schedule because whenever I see the bulletin board at school, it always has different sched everyday. It seems like there is no use for us to look at our COR . Well, I just have to adjust to the schools wrong doings .. *LOL :))
I saw my crush on the other section. He's HOT! I don't even know his name because he's new in school and his name doesn't matter anyway . As long as he looks like that, I have a reason to enjoy studying at UMAK .:))

I had a great time listening to our prof. about the rhetoric theory and whatever revolves around it. In the early years, they believe that it doesn't matter if you make sense or not, what matters is if you speak well. Imagine having an argument with a person who doesn't make sense ? Pretty challenging ayt ? i believe that being rhetoric is not good. Rhetoric individuals and idiots enjoy the company of each other. I learned that it's okay to be rhetoric when you're just fooling around but when we apply rhetoric on serious debates, it will make you look like a fool!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

guys are so eloquent

Eloquent people are said to be the kind of people who has the speaking ability that can awe the audience and everyone who listen to them. These are the kind of people whom we are attracted to because they had this flowery tongue that can catch our attention. One of the best example of this so-called eloquent (rhetoric) people are guys (men) who love to complement us .. in tagalog, MGA LALAKENG MAMBOBOLA! When you deal with this kind of individuals, arguments will lead to bigger arguments and that's how it willl always be. You will never have the right answer to your questions neither will have solutions to your problem.
No wonder girls cry alot when their rhetoric bfs left them for another woman. Well, guys are naturally like that.

Nowadays, guys are so rhetoric. They allure all of us with their speaking ability and after that, we start to fall for them. When we are blinded by love, it doesn't matter if our loved one make sense our not, the only thing that matter is LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!! Girls should get smarter nowadays. In whatever we do, we should settle for things that make sense. Never waste your time getting involved in a relationship with a dumbass. From now on, find someone who is SO NOT RHETORIC! That's one way of keeping your life healthy and happy .. *LOL

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

he's not a kid anymore!

My title explains everything. For those curious individuals out there, (peace) my blog is all about my brother, being circumsized. As usual, everyday is a boring day for me. My brother becomes a man! wahaha ! and I am the one helping him to eat, take his medicine and ... (do i really have to say the yuckee part? :) .. I feel like I am a caregiver who doesn't have a monthly salary. Im doing all of this for free. :)) . Its really hard to see my brother in pain. I can imagine what it feels like to suffer from the pain of being a man. wahaha .. good thing, monthly periods dont hurt like that. Me, being a couch potato for two or three weeks? that's gonna drive me crazy!