Saturday, September 24, 2011

Android On Straight Talk: Pre-Order Now!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have finally quit my job and I decided to make some adjustments in my lifestyle.  I would be listing down priorities when it comes to expenses.  Having a cell phone may not be important to some but it is to me.  I cannot live without it.  Through it, I could keep in touch with my loved ones and I could Call a friend anywhere and anytime.  I just need to pick the right service and I am seriously thinking about Straight Talk.  A lot of my friends use it and they only have wonderful things to say about it.  
Since it is a prepaid service, I don't have to worry about contracts, monthly bills and charges especially that I don't have a job now.  With Straight Talk, I could pick the plan that I can afford to pay.  I tell you; even the unlimited monthly service is still very affordable for me.  For only $45 a month, I would enjoy unlimited texts, calls, picture messaging and web use.  
What really excites me right now is the coming of Android on Straight Talk soon.  It has not come out yet but anybody interested could order it now.  Adding Android to Straight Talk's trusted brands of phones is such an amazing idea!  Straight Talk saves you a lot of money, money that you could use for the coming holidays.  
Everything you need in a phone is what Straight Talk tries to provide its customers such as nationwide coverage, excellent reception connectivity, convenience in making transactions, flexible plans, trusted brand phones, low international calling rate, and most of all, no contract.  You will enjoy all these at a very affordable cost.  Hook, line and sinker is what most of its customers say about it.  If you haven't already, watch some of the videos so you will understand how it works.  Here is one video for a start.

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