Sunday, May 16, 2010

im proud of who i am :)

They say that being a teenager is hard. What they don't know is that it's much harder for teens who have "extra pounds" on their belly. A normal teen would complain about acne, love problems and peer pressure. A not-so-normal teen like me would think of other stuff like my physique, bullying, etc. It's really hard to undergo this stage when you have lots of things to deal with.

Everything got more complicated when I entered college. Aside from adjusting to the new environment, you also have to adjust on the people around you. On the first days of classes, I used to get attention in the school's hallway not because i'm pretty/fly but because I don't look like the normal type of teen you see regularly. In some instances, when we're asked to do physical stuff on our Physical Education subject, it's really hard to keep up with the activities because of my extra pounds. As days go by, things become complicated than usual. More problems entered my way, not to mention the boy problems which is considered just a side dish in a plate. Some teenagers who are dealing with the same problems like mine have this idea of settling for less because they have no option. With these problems in my hand, I learned to face and solve it one by one with the help of no one but myself.

These problems made me realize that there are more to life than these things that we usually see. Talk about the inner beauty. Having a self-check once in a while to know yourself better. Undergoing this stage in my life made me realize what's important in life. I learned to love myself more and be proud of who I am. I became stronger in handling problems and became wiser in making decisions. I became a good decision maker. I found out that in every problem, there's always a solution. With every solution, there's always an option. Never think that having extra pounds is a disadvantage in life. Better yet, accept and love who you are for people to love you in return. When you learn to be proud of who you are, for sure everything will follow.

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