Sunday, May 23, 2010

best of both worlds

If I wasn't a broadcasting Major, I probably be a culinary Student. I'm a frustrated cook since I was 6 . I can still picture myself as a kid when I was so excited to have the pan in my hand. Well, you can connect my obsession in cooking with eating. For you to know the real story, let me give you a look back on the days when I started to love making dishes. I was in grade 2 when I became curious with what I eat. Not that calorie count or balance diet curiosity but what's in the food that makes it delicious!

When I was 7, I learned to cook a perfect egg. It was such an accomplishment because it's really hard to keep the yolk in the middle. After the egg, i tried filipino dishes. I was in grade 5 when I learned to cook adobo. It eventually become my specialty since everybody loved it! I also tried learning dishes from other places. Here in the Philippines, the use of coconut milk as one of the main ingredients is a must. Later on, i tried out dishes with the use of coconut milk and surprisingly, everybody loved it! I also tried party dishes, baking, grilling, etc. I pretty much knew the basic and even some complicated things to keep in mind while cooking.

When I entered college, I had a little twist done with my cooking. Since the Philippines is experiencing recession, (LOl) I tried inventing budget-friendly dishes without sacrificing its taste. Imagine a 1-kilo tuna spaghetti worth 200pesos? I bet it tastes much much better than the pasta dishes that our school cafeteria offers. I also tried cooking some beef, pork and chicken recipes that my family adored. I can confidently say that yeah, im good with what I do. :)

It's obvious that im enjoying two different worlds at the same time. It's like looking for a connection between a pan and a paper. Or even linking a pen and a spatula. But even if it's hard to keep the balance between the two, I sure do enjoy living on both worlds. With these in mind, im planning to attend culinary school after graduation. I hope that's possible!

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