Sunday, August 22, 2010

laboratory tests are freaking me out!

It's been months since I was diagnosed with this very rare disease. There's no need for me to mention what it is because I've been mentioning it a lot on my recent posts. In line with my oral medication, I have to undergo some laboratory test almost every week which is painful not only in the body but in the pocket.

When you're about to get your blood sugar tested, you have to go through a 12-hour long fasting (no food, no water,no everything) before taking the test. It's a standard operating procedure for the result to be consistent. Imagine your body not taking any dose of water for 12 hours? Now that's what you call sacrifice! Aside from that, I also tried flourensic angiogram. This is probably the most painful laboratory test of all. It's a test wherein they will inject a fluid to your veins for them to see the back of your eye. This test is recommended by my doctor since I'm having a problem with my retina. I've exeperiened double pain because before that flourensic angiogram, I have to undergo this freaking skin test which is way worse than any vaccine. I also tried chest x-ray for them to see if my lungs are healthy and of course, I even tried two of the easiest lab tests which are the urinalysis and fecalysis. Just give them a sample of your urine and feces and wait for the result the following day. Imagine as I go through all of these things every week. Hard much?

You know what, taking care of your body is really hard. Knowing if you're really healthy is much, much harder. Imagine yourself going through all of these? Bottomline is, there is no harm in having an active lifestyle. Choosing the right meal plan is a must. If you don't want to experience these tests that i'm going through, try to listen to my advice. Do you want to  go through  numerous lab tests, sacrifice some cravings and some bills in the pocket? Think about it.

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