Friday, November 4, 2011

Spending the night in a hospital bed...

As much as i wanted to wait for an available cheaper room or even in a ward, i had to no choice but to get a private room because there was no assurance i could find one.  I hate spending P2,500 per day for a roon just for a supposed to be 3-hour session only.  Since I would be paying for a private room anyway, i decided to just stay all night in the hospital with Patty.  

I had to take my eye medication through IV (dextrose) and i got it all done and was ready to check out this morning.  Well, my doctor was not around to order my discharge so the hospital staff won't allow me to leave.  What?  I sensed trouble!  I was not ready to pay for another day, no way! But do i have a choice?  Apparently not!  So i left the hospital P14K poorer, sigh! But, i am happy i got it done before my birthday. 

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