Tuesday, April 13, 2010

guys are so eloquent

Eloquent people are said to be the kind of people who has the speaking ability that can awe the audience and everyone who listen to them. These are the kind of people whom we are attracted to because they had this flowery tongue that can catch our attention. One of the best example of this so-called eloquent (rhetoric) people are guys (men) who love to complement us .. in tagalog, MGA LALAKENG MAMBOBOLA! When you deal with this kind of individuals, arguments will lead to bigger arguments and that's how it willl always be. You will never have the right answer to your questions neither will have solutions to your problem.
No wonder girls cry alot when their rhetoric bfs left them for another woman. Well, guys are naturally like that.

Nowadays, guys are so rhetoric. They allure all of us with their speaking ability and after that, we start to fall for them. When we are blinded by love, it doesn't matter if our loved one make sense our not, the only thing that matter is LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!! Girls should get smarter nowadays. In whatever we do, we should settle for things that make sense. Never waste your time getting involved in a relationship with a dumbass. From now on, find someone who is SO NOT RHETORIC! That's one way of keeping your life healthy and happy .. *LOL

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