Sunday, June 13, 2010

War of the World (a film review)

The movie is definitely good. For a typical viewer, they may look at the movie as a masterpiece but for some, the movie have some cliche's which can be considered bad points for the film. With regards to the synopsis of the film, I can say that it's a stereotype man vs. alien kind of movie. Man fighting for survival against aliens is something that we usually see in the cinemas. I also observed that the latter part was very predictable. Of course, Spielberg wont let his lead actor die, right? With regards to the technicalities of the film, I would like to give props to the cinematographer and the film editor. They showed us the prefect example of advanced technology. They did well with the photoshop specially with the robot-like aliens. They made it look like as if the aliens are live in the flesh. The finishing of the layers of the film was magnificent. The scene where the soldiers hand-in-hand to defeat the aliens is really powerful. It seems as if i'm watching war between America and Iraq! (LOL) I would also like to give props to the wardrobe and make-up department. Their choice of style/outfit gave realness to every scene. The sound effects were scene appropriate so that's plus points for the movie.
overall, i give the film 4/5 stars. It would surely stand out on the digital film category. On a deeper notion, I think the film missed out on some few parts specially on the storyline. With that being said, it shows that Spielberg met the audience expectation. It's a must see for all ages!

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