Tuesday, June 15, 2010

remake my work for what?

For the first time ever, my own work was criticized (in a bad way) by my prof. She said that my work is trash. I don't see anything wrong with my concept or even the script. She's comparing my work with her own life which is definitely wrong. I felt really depressed after the class. Good thing i got my friends who are always ready to back me up. I love you so much guys.

Basically, my concept is about a girl who is undergoing a psychological problem. The girl is a nymphomaniac and the story revolves around her and what caused her to be like that. I see nothing wrong with informing the public what nymphomaniac is. I based my work on what i see in the environment. I see no harm with my work because all I wanted is for my audience to see that sex is not just a thing you do for fun. Second, the way we act depends on the people we deal with everyday and what kind of community we live in. I want my work to be an eyeopener for the masses. Let's just be realistic that the western culture influence us a lot. It breaks my heart because I didn't get the opportunity to defend my work. I felt helpless and stupid because of her fearless comments. :( I know that I should give justice to my work. How can I do it if she wanted me to remake the story.?

Sex is strictly prohibited on our scripts. I hate her knowing that she is limiting our talents. I know that bad comments will make you stronger but i'm hoping that it's in the right place and time. Im not immoral, im just being realistic. I hope that next time, she will get the real concept of my work. If she knows what the theory of reasoned action is, she will definitely understand my work and how i constructed it.

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