Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All American Rejects: An Album Review (2003)

 I am generally not a fan of bands like this, including ones like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan, but after I had heard their songs thru youtube , I gave them a try. I fell in love. The instrumentals are nothing to die for, in fact, generally, they're quite easy, so if you're looking for a band where the guitar solos take up the whole song, and the drumming is to die for, I don't suggest this band.

Aside from that, the voice of the vocalist is sweet sounding, and unlike many artists, he really sings, and it comes much more from the heart. Their songs are catchy.. and cheerful. They have a different sound than any other band I have heard of, even though they are classified in that punk rock/emo/pop section of music.

The most attractive thing about The All-American rejects is their straightforward sound. Teens and twenty-something's can relate to their music because it is simple and because the people making it are the same age. They have the presence and pop nature of Blink 182 and combine it with the heartfelt lyrics of Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional. What it all adds up to is an unbelievable record that should stand the test of time. The All-American Rejects use a lot of falsetto in their music, which also contributes to its edgy, raw emotional nature. The Rejects offer everything. Such power pop ballads as "My Paper Heart", "Swing, Swing" and "Don't Leave Me" will leave you humming all day with whatever you doing. Any band who can mix feeling and emotion in their lyrics with catchy, rocking beats deserves to be listened to. I really enjoyed the lyrics; they sing about things that most of us can relate to in the days of our youth. All American Rejects is a band to watch out for.


A few months ago, I heard "My Paper Heart" for the first time and knew I had to download the album of this band. Though I had never heard little of  All-American Rejects before, the adept songwriting and melodic punk-pop sound of My Paper Heart" somehow had me knowing, after only one listen, that this would be a great album. My instincts were right. The All-American Rejects' debut simply cannot be rejected. Ever since I downloaded the songs a couple of months ago, it has been a regular listen on my mp3 player. The band deals lyrically in love songs: love dying, love unrequited, even starting over. The music tends to have somewhat of a same sound to it although not as much as others I've heard. This album consists entirely of songs with memorable hooks, up-tempo rhythms, melodic punk- pop choruses, and infectious  lyrics. The album has been well-produced, enhancing the overall packaging of each song. The hits "Swing, Swing", "Time Stands Still", and "The Last Song" proved that the band was creating interesting music. The All-American Rejects mixed pop, rock,  and synthesized sounds with just a hint of a grunge feel and the product was very unique. Their fusion even landed the band a spot in the soundtrack to the pilot episode to the television series The OC with the song "Swing, Swing". My personal favorites from this record include: "My Paper Heart", "Don't Leave Me" "Too Far Gone", and "Drive Away".

With this debut album, the All-American Rejects have demonstrated they have sharp musical senses. Their music compares favorably with any emo-type artist you hear on today's radio. Between the band's natural musical talent and its alignment with today's hottest commercial sound, it wouldn't surprise me to hear more from the All-American Rejects. 

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