Saturday, March 19, 2011

A not so perfect love story.

Usually, when I'm feeling down and out, I turn to movies and television shows to cheer me up. For me, it feels good to encounter a fairytale like story from a show or a video once in a while. It seems like the world is full of hate and negative vibes and seeing a cute love story will definitely lighten up your mood. Just this morning, I was feeling so depressed until I saw Lee Hyun's video music video of the song "You are the best of my life". Even though the song is in Korean and was not supported by subtitles, I still enjoy watching the video's message was heartfelt. To be honest, I can really relate with the story because I was hoping for the same fairytale ending for myself. Believe me when I say that this video can change your perception when it comes to love. This 4minuter video made my day.

Anyway, for everyone's viewing pleasure, I've attach Lee Hyun's video in this entry. Enjoy the video and get ready to fall in love.