Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue Palm Resort

After a long wait and extensive planning, our much awaited family outing happened and it was fun! I can still picture how beautiful the place is.. It is located at the heart of Pansol, just a few blocks away from Sun City Resort. As you enter the resort, you can see the lobby which is decorated with native home decors that adds up to the cozy feel of the place. The cabanas are located near the pool area. What make this place exceptional among those private resort is that they have a built in jacuzzi in each cabana which is available 24/7. Another good thing that I love about Blue Palm is that they have a really huge pool. The presence of the pool is so inviting because it's really clean and it's not that deep. We stayed there for a day and It felt as if I'm glued to this place already. Blue Palm didn't fail my expectation. For those people who are looking for a nice place to have an outing or even a party, I would surely recommend Blue Palm. I can't wait to visit this place again next year.

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