Monday, May 30, 2011

Fliptop Battle

It's been a while since I watch a Fliptop Battle. For those who are wondering what Fliptop is, I would love to spill some details about it. Fliptop is a rap battle league in the Philippines which was founded by Anygma early last year. It has been dominating the internet and even the television for almost a year now and it has become a source of entertainment for people from any age. What made this rap battle league unique above the rest is the fact that Fliptop produced talented battle warriors that entertain people with their punch lines. It also raise the popularity of Filipino hiphop industry which is good thing since Filipino hiphop lost it's spark when Francis M. died.

While browsing on facebook, a post from Fliptop fan page caught my attention. It is a video of a battle between Shehyee and BLKD. I decided to give it a try and good thing I did. I was so amazed on how the two battled. The two came up with sick lines with sense which is not common on fliptop battles.The two young battlers raised the standards of fliptop to the next level. I am so looking forward to see more battles from these two. I just hope fliptop battlers would learn styles and techniques like these. If this will become a trend, I know more parents would have approve of Fliptop. After watching this battle, I relaized that Fliptop is still on. I'm still an avid fan and just like the others, I'm so excited to see their next upload.

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