Monday, May 9, 2011

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (review)

For unemployed newly grads like me, Sundays are usually spent inside the house, watching television or just surfing the internet. Last Sunday for me was extra special. Aside from the fact that I had so much fun on our way home from Laguna, I also had the chance to watch a Thai film that brought me back to my high school years.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love is about a not-so pretty high school girl who had a big crush over her oh-so handsome senior. If you will rely purely on this, you will assume that this movie is just a typical romantic comedy movie that we usually watch on mainstream cinema. Good thing the film's story telling was exceptional among the rest. While watching the movie, I feel as if I were on the girl's shoes. It brought back memories from high school that is similar to the scenes in the film. Majority of the audience can relate to the film which made it realistic.

Another plus factor for the film are the artists who portrayed their characters really well. Aside from the leads, the supporting characters are superb in their acting. I give props for the casting people who did a really good job. Also, the cinematography was above average. The scenes are executed really well with the help of the right camera shots. The lighting of the scenes is also a big helped in making every scenes so real. Every minute of the film was worth watching.

I never knew that I would enjoy films such as these. Hands down to Thailand because they produced quality films that people from other countries would enjoy. I'm looking forward to more Thai films on my list. Because of this film, I became a Mario Maurer fan in an instant.

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