Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy birthday luigi!

My youngest brother Lui has always been dear to me. He's a friend, confidant, or even an enemy all in one. I can still remember the times when I used to fetch him from school during his kindergarten days. Those times when I helped him out on his lessons when examinations are fast approaching. I just missed spending quality time with him. Last week, me and Patty decided to give him a little treat for his birthday. We decided to throw him a little party enough for the whole family and his close friends. I was assigned to do the cooking while dad put extra efforts in decorating the third floor which was his party venue. Patty, on the other hand helped me out in preparing the dishes. The 16th of April was the busiest day of the month for me. Imagine doing all the cooking from morning till early in the evening... Believe me, it was really tiring!
I was so happy that we were able to pull things off that day. Seeing how happy my brother was made me super happy as well. Knowing that he appreciated all of our efforts made everything worthwhile. I hope that next year, we will be able to surpass this party and throw him a party much bigger than this one.

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