Monday, July 19, 2010

deadlines = stressors

There's nothing more stressful than meeting deadlines. Even if you're used to cramming, i'm sure you will surely agree with me. I was given a day to formulate a master calendar from July 19 to Aug 15. The master calendar will serve as our guide/ to-do list since our show is like three weeks form now. What made this task harder is that you have to consider the things to be done in every department of a production. This means you have to formulate a rehearsal schedule, props,  repair schedule, music and lights requirements, etc. Good thing I have my stage managers to back me up. They are like angels sent by heaven. With their help, we formulated a very good calendar that will surely work for the production. Hopefully, with the help of the master calendar, everything will run smoothly as planned.

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