Saturday, July 10, 2010

night of freedom version2.0

Last night was surely a night to remember. Since my dad attended a 3-day seminar, we planned some activities to do while he is still away. We started things off with a late night dinner at Libis. It's been a ritual of the family to visit SOMETHING'S FISHY at Eastwood because the restaurant never fails to meet our expectations! Talk about the food, the service, etc. Not to mention the buffet price which is really affordable. So basically, I picked foods that I missed eating. Let's just say I became connected with the inner pig in me again. (LOL) We enjoyed the buffet for 2 hours and we left the restaurant at 2AM.

Patty and co. decided to go home while Jasper, Joben and I decided to stay and continue the fun. Full much, it took us 30 minutes to decide on what bar to enter to enjoy the rest of the night. Looks like our brain lipids became inactive due to so much food in the belly! To cut the long story short, We enjoyed an hour at H20 BAR. We chill out, have some non-alcoholic drinks (i'm not allowed to drink beer because i'm under medication) and enjoyed the live band that the bar offers. At 4AM, the boys took me home and we all decided to get some rest. Never did I imagine that i'll enjoy the first night of freedom without some alcohol in my system. Now that's what you call harmless fun! Watch out for more versions of "NIGHT OF FREEDOM" in the coming months :).


  1. nice nman..i always wish n sna gnyan dn aq klaya pero kpg iniisip q ung too much freedom ang laki ng possibility n madisgrasya kz kontrolado mo sarili mo..hehehe!nainggit nman aq d2..trip q tuloy gumawa.. ^_^

  2. you can join us next time. We're planning to go out after the show :)

  3. hindi naman mama . nagenjoy lang kami bahagya :)