Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A night of freedom

Last friday, my dad attended a teambuilding seminar at Mt. Makiling. Since it's a 3-day seminar, I was left at home with my siblings. Of course, we planned some things to do for us to enjoy that 3 days without dad! Can you imagine living 3 days of your life without a parent/s? Such a breathe of fresh air.. LOL! What we did was that we started our first night with a late dinner @ Libis. We dined at our favorite resto called "SOMETHIN'S FISHY". I'm sure some of you have heard of the place since it's like the only resto in the Metro that offers a late night buffet meal for like 130.00. It comes with a bottomless drink for only 55.00. Now that's what you call affordable :D!

So after that sumptuous dinner, we decided to have fun @ Malate. Now ladies, if you're in for some fun, try to visit the bars along Orosa-Nakpil St. My favorite bar there is Che-lu. The entrance fee is very affordble and it comes with 2 beers plus the food is excellent! I'm sure couple of gays out there will agree with what i've said. :) Around 3am, we decided to leave the bar and we headed to the grocery shop nearby. We went home at 5:30 AM and slept at 6AM. Due to exhaustion, we woke up at 4pm. We even forgot to have lunch! Oh well, we didn't have the same plan for the following day. We just enjoyed our free day inside the house. You know, the typical movie night/slumber party.

I really did enjoy the moments while my dad was away. That sure brought a feelin of happiness all over my bod! So much better than vanilla ice cream with hot fudge :) Im so looking forward to the seminars that my dad will attend to in the coming months. I am sure, the next time my dad is away, riot will surely take place in the house. It's gonna be fun!

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